10,000 Free Theater Tickets


Everyone loves free. Everyone should love theater. Because, come on: it’s love, pathos, and comedy - all wrapped up in a two-hour dose of well-written universal human experience. In the best pairing since Barney Stinson and the Italian suit, free and theater join infatuated hands for the month of October.

You can see shows from the big houses like American Conservatory Theatre, Beach Blanket Babylon, and Yerba Buena as well as from smaller companies like Campo Santo, Word for Word, and Crowded Fire. If you want comedy, go for Killing My Lobster. For old-school musical theater, hit 42nd Street Moon. Nouveau circus is covered by Circus Finelli. Smuin Ballet offers up fresh, innovative dance that isn’t your grandma’s Swan Lake (or anyone's Swan Lake, for that matter).
For the first round of free tickets (two per person, for one show), head to Union Square for the free kick-off performance on Thursday, September 29. If you can’t make that, hop on Theatre Bay Area’s site after 6 p.m. The second round of tickets will be distributed online starting October 13. It’s also a great source for half-price tickets, should you feel the need to spend that money on sausages or iTunes instead.
September 29. Union Square. Free at www.tixbayarea.com/free.


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