10 San Francisco Bike Improvements to be Thankful for This Year


If you ride a bike in San Francisco, you’ve probably noticed that the landscape looks a lot different than it did even a year ago. Bike lanes and projects have been added from the Bayview to Outer Richmond and everywhere in between.

Here are ten bike improvements I’m most thankful for this year:

  1. Fell bikeway added this week. Have you seen it? There’s a new bikeway on Fell Street between the Wiggle and Panhandle. It’s just the first stage of the bigger safety improvements on these unsafe three blocks, but it’s a great first stage. Super thankful!
  2. Giant green sharrows on the Wiggle that guide you through the flattest crosstown route. How do you get there? Go to Duboce Park and then follow the bright green bikes painted on the street to the Panhandle. Can’t miss ‘em.
  3. Bike corrals. There are more than 20 on-street bike parking corrals in the city, making it easier than ever to shop and dine on bike. It makes a huge difference on 18th Street, in front of Delfina and Bi-Rite Creamery.
  4. New patch pavement on Market Street. It was pretty rough out there for a while, but the worst spots got some fresh pavement this fall.
  5. New bike shops. A testament to the staying power of bicycling is that even in this economy, new shops are opening up all over the city. And they’re staying open. Nice job shopping local, bikers!
  6. Smooth, safe 17th Street bike lane: This street has long been a favorite crosstown route, and it got an awesome new facelift this year. 17th Street is smooth as silk and now has a buffered bike lane in parts. Go out of your way to ride this!
  7. Better approach to the Golden Gate Bridge. It used to be a hairpin turn to get onto the bike side of the GG Bridge. Now, it’s a mellow, smooth, awesome vista.
  8. Bike-timed lights. Did you know that Valencia and 14th Street are both timed for bike speed? It’s called a “Green Wave,” and it means you keep up your momentum on your bike, and that car traffic is calmed a bit. Thankful!
  9. Expanded Bike valet so you can ride your bike to all the awesome SF events. From valet at Giants games (Oh, thankful for the Giants as well!), to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, to all the cool smaller events around town. It just warms my heart to see so many bikes lined up in a row.
  10. Friends in the bike lanes. There are 71% more people biking today in SF than just five years ago. When more people bike, it’s safer, we’re more visible. And it means our city is more healthy and engaged. Thankful!

To learn more about these projects, and other upcoming ones, visit sfbike.org.



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