15 Reasons San Francisco is the Best Place on Earth in Photos


Today is Earth Day, a day when you're supposed to revel in all the things that make the world wonderful (and maybe go out and hug a tree or two). But we decided to take it one step further, because our hearts really only belong to a small, 7x7 square-mile section of the globe. So, in honor of Earth day, here are 15 reasons that San Francisco is actually the best place on Earth. Enjoy. 

1. Nobody lights up quite like we do. 

2. We respect all diets and eating habits.

3. Dogs are preferred to humans (often for good reason).

4. The food is delicious and we "share" it anyway we can, physically and socially.

5. We'll try anything that brings balance to our lives.

6. We may hate Google buses, and complain about MUNI buses, but everyone loves a Chanel bus.

7. Techies are hip and hippies are tech—particularly on a “grassy” day in Dolores Park.

8. The old Mission and new Mission live in harmony. 

9. We embrace the nudity ban with creative—and more appropriate—wardrobe choices.

10. We've mastered walking in a straight line, and we invented hill sweat.

11. From Victorians to drag queens, we love all of SF's "painted ladies."

12. Artisanal coffee is pretty much every SF resident's morning Ritual.

13. San Franciscans know about the next big band before anyone else does. 

14. We spend time finding ourselves, even if that means walking around in circles.

15. No one else personifies their weather, and then misses that foggy friend on a sunny day. 

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