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The 2011 7x7 Dog Poll: The Top 25 Finalists

Behold, the 25 dogs you voted as the cutest pups in the city! The top 50 finalists (who we selected by photo alone) were all gush-worthy (the page was our happy place here at 7x7 HQ). But after nearly 7,000 votes, it's the pooches below who made the final cut. It was a close race—first and second place were only a hundred or so votes apart. Vote on which pups should advance (they're listed in no particular order). On March 22, we'll name the 7 finalists and on April 1, we'll crown the pooch with the most votes "San Francisco's Cutest Dog."

What will this pup get? Well, for one, they'll act as Grand Marshall of the DogFest Pet Procession and Carnival in Duboce Park on April 16, a must-attend event for city dog-lovers. They'll also get a $100 gift certificate to Bow Wow Meow and get a full-blown photo shoot (hello, Christmas cards) with dog-photographer Court Leve.

*Note: Votes do not roll over. Each dog has to place in the finalists of each round to advance.