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The 2011 7x7 Dog Poll: The Top 7 Finalists

And then there were seven.

From happy-guy Rory to sweet old-timer Clementine Zamboni, here are the seven dogs you voted as the cutest in the city. We know all of these pooches have devoted fan clubs, so rally your base to crown San Francisco's Cutest Dog on April 1. Voting will close March 31 at the stroke of midnight.

For a trip back down Cute Lane, revisit the top 50 finalists and the top 25 finalists—all of whom we hope will come out and party on April 16 at Duboce Park's DogFest Pet Procession and Carnival. The winning dog poll pooch will act as grand marshal. He or she will also get a $100 gift certificate to Bow Wow Meow and a glamour shoot with dog photographer Court Leve.

*Note: Votes do not roll over. Good luck to the pups!

Charlie Mr. Bennet
Marley Clementine Zamboni
Biggie Toaster