3 Nut Butter Alternatives to Get You Through the Nutella Shortage


Just when we started getting used to the idea of rationing kale, the shortage gods strike again, and this time they're hitting us where it really hurts—Nutella! 

It's true, the creamy, scrumptious spread you smear on everything from toast to crepes is in danger: there just aren't enough hazelnuts to meet demand. According to the Washington Post, hailstorms and frost in Turkey—where Ferrero sources its hazelnuts for Nutellahttp://www.7x7.com/node/152205/edit#—is driving up the price of the nut to the highest it's been in years, and even crappier weather in Malaysia is impacting the production of palm oil, also used in the spread. 

Nutella currently uses 25 percent of the world's hazelnut supplies, so don't be surprised if the shortage translates to higher prices in the grocery line. 

To make matters worse, the FDA just announced a recall for our favorite alternatives, Trader Joe's raw crunchy unsalted almond butter and raw creamy unsalted almond butter because they might have salmonella. Oy vey

Luckily, there is hope at the end of this dark tunnel. Here are three local alternatives to Nutella that are just as satisfying. Promise. 

1. A Loving Spoon's HoneyVanilla Bourbon Peanut Butter

Natural and unprocessed, you can eat it straight from the jar without feeling guilty. 

2. Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

With a vast array of nut butter flavors like maple almond and honey peanut butter, you'll wonder why you ever loved Nutella in the first place. 

3. Living Tree's Organic, Alive Brazil Nut Butter 

Organic, raw, and fervently against peanuts, pick up a jar at Berkeley Bowl. 

And if worse comes to worse, you can always make your own:

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