Lace up your stompin' boots, break out the rain gear, and get ready to march in this weekend's multitude of anti-Trump Inauguration Week rallies. But it's not a proper protest without a proper protest sign: Here are some of our absolute favorite poster designs—from artists including Shepard Fairey, NYC photog Olivia Locher, and SF's own Hello!Lucky—all available for free download online.

Check the photo captions for links to download!

We The People - Shepard Fairey, "Greater Than Fear"

Women's March on Washington - Jessica Sabogal, "Women Are Perfect"

Women's March on Washington - Liza Donovan, "Hear Our Voice"

Women's March on Washington - Jessica Sabogal, "We The Indivisible"

Women's March on Washington, Jennifer Maravillas, "Our Bodies Our Minds"

We The People - Shepard Fairey, "Protect Each Other"

Women's March on Washington - Victoria Garcia, "Respeta"

We The People - Ernest Yerena, "We The Resilient"

We The People - Shepard Fairey, "Defend Dignity"

Women's March on Washington, Kate Diciccio, "Embracing Each Other"

Olivia Locher, "Deport Hate Speech"

Olivia Locher, "Pro-America, Anti-Trump"

Olivia Locher, "Build a Wall Around Yourself"

Olivia Locher, "His Finger Is on the Nuclear Trigger"

Olivia Locher, "Keep Your Laws Off My Body"

Olivia Locher, "The Hand That Changes Diapers"

Olivia Locher, "Not a Perfect 10"

Olivia Locher, "Racism Isn't Welcome"

Olivia Locher, "RIP GOP"

Olivia Locher, "Jesus Had Two Dads"

Olivia Locher, "I'll Miss You Obama"

Olivia Locher, "Napping"

Olivia Locher, "Trucker Hat Hair"

Hello!Lucky, "Love Is Love"

Hello!Lucky, "OMG GOP WTF?"

Hello!Lucky, "I Will Not Go Quietly"

Hello!Lucky, "Our Children Are Watching"

Hello!Lucky, "Outraged"

Hello!Lucky, "People of Quality"

Hello!Lucky, "We Are Seeds"

DNAinfo Chicago, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fundamental Rights"

DNAinfo Chicago, "The Future Is Female"

Credo Mobile, "Feminism Is Another Word for Equality"

Credo Mobile, "Women's Rights Are Human Rights"

If you have a great printer, you can DIY at home—just get yourself some sturdy poster board, some spray glue, and a wooden handle and you're good to go. No Martha Stewart? Fedex has one-day turnaround and may be the cheapest route—given inclement weather, opt for foam core mounting and lamination ($40 for 18" x 24"; multiple locations in San Francisco and Bay Area–wide). Prefer to shop local (and pay more)? Try Accurate Printing in SoMa (760 Bryant St.,

Shout out: We'd also like to express our admiration for Refinery29's Women's Rights = Human Rights Facebook gallery, filled with some of the prettiest (and most powerful) protest art we've seen. Be sure to check it out.

Isabel Castillo Guijarro(Courtesy of Refinery29)