Ah, tax season. No good for us freelancers out there, but jackpot for those who've been diligently giving it to the man over the course of the year. Had we a big refund check to blow through (sigh!), our first stop would be Bae. You can feel savvy while at the same time giving yourself a much-deserved treat, because right now all furniture in the store is 40% off. And if you've ever been to Bae, you know this is no ordinary deal - the owner's taste is tops, and since all their furniture is on sale, it means you don't have to pick through the old floor models or something that's been sitting in the stockroom for two years. You can even look through their vendor's catalog if you don't see exactly what you want in the store - nice! Bae is located at 3101 Sacramento St. (at the corner of Baker).