A recent SFGate article announces that the efforts to preserve California's most beloved alpine lake will soon receive—barring any hicups as the bill passes through the senate—$415 million to, among other worthwhile pursuits, eliminate a dangerous infestation of Asian clams, quagga and zebra mussels and remove erosion-and-sediment-and-fire-causing deadwood from 33,000 acres of surrounding forests. As always, the snarky commentors on SFGate bring up good points, especially @shutterbuggery who says, "The problem is too much development, too many casinos, too much of just about everything human. You can't turn back the hands of time—especially with introduced species. Until they start ripping out condos, houses, gas stations, casinos, fast-food joints, cheap motels, it ain't gonna change." Something just feels right about sourcing that $415 million not from the federal government, but from the lakeshore businesses and private residences that call Lake Tahoe home. What do you think?