48 Hours of Sexy in SF


My work is pretty much all about finding who is doing whom, what, where and how many times. So, in addition to the shows, I do a lot of “research” around town.

In the last 48 hours, I attended a dinner at the Clift Hotel, recorded a show at Mitchell Brother’s O’Farrell Theater, went to an opening at Louis Vuitton and the Health & Harmony Festival in Marin County.

No, not all sexy or sex-ridden on the surface. But here’s what happened.

Julie Costanzo at the Clift Hotel in San Francisco

Had to stop by a dinner party with some Los Angeles friends in town for a shoot. Why else are people from LA ever in San Francisco? So we had lime vodka drinks and fancy quesadillas.

As I looked around at the crowd of mostly men in suits and loose ties and women in their best bar outfits, it occurred to me that more people must mate at the Clift Hotel than anywhere else in San Francisco. I’m thinking even my gym bag could find a fun romp in the Redwood Room. Everyone is from somewhere else, on a healthy expense account and always chatting and groping freely.

Talking to Cherry, a dancer at Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theatre

The next day I went to Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theatre to record a show with the lovely and talented Meta Mitchell, the new manager and daughter of club founder Jim Mitchell. We talked about sex in San Francisco and their new “sex parties,” and we marveled at the confidence it must take for women to be that comfortable dancing naked in public. Turns out many of the dancers actually walk around naked the entire time they’re at work. They prefer being naked. Note to self: Get that stripper pole for all my friends. (I’ll post the interview soon!)

Went to an opening at the LV store. Models posed on platforms, champagne flowed freely, men and women dressed in their sexy best. I winced when I saw one woman walking by in what must be the first pair of 12-inch designer stilettos ever.

Me with Kia Miller and Tommy Rosen at the Health & Harmony Festival

There was one thing I couldn’t miss this weekend, even if it was at a festival in Santa Rosa. One of my favorite people on the planet was having her 40th birthday party at the Health & Harmony Festival at the Sonoma Fairgrounds.

So even though my music festival days ended when Jerry’s did, I showed up. Tommy laughed out loud when he saw me in my San Francisco summer wear—jeans and black shirt. It’s always hard to imagine people are hot in June until you’re there again. Most women were dancing in crochet skirts, see-through tops, short shorts or flimsy sundresses. For the record, they did seem pretty healthy and harmonious.

I was still a bit stressed from the drive to the happy fest until a friend of my friend in a tie-dye shirt felt my energy and knew I needed a foot massage. I know it sounds creepy, but how much danger could there be at such a fest? And it was really nice and calming and dare I say sexy. I was finally relaxed and quite harmonious.

I guess what it all boils down to is that you may just find something sexy in San Francisco when you least expect it. Or you can plan for it, too:

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