5 Reasons to Bring Your Happy Hour Party to La Mar


La Mar Cebicheria Peruana is one of our favorite places to spend the happiest of hours, and not just because its within walking distance of our headquarters (although who are we kidding). It can very easily be your new, or maybe even old, go-to for these five reasons. 

1 | Happy hour every, single day: Yep, that's right. Every day, forever and ever (or so we hope) starting at 3:00pm and running through 6:00pm, rain or shine. Sip $6 cocktails including pisco sours, pisco punch, prickly pear margaritas. Try the house sangria made up of red wine, pisco, chicha morada, orange, and lemon, or stick with a $6 Peruvian cerveza like Cusqueña or Cristal for $4. Tables are first come, first serve and they go quickly! 

2 | Fab pisco selection: Enjoy your bites and waterfront view with a refreshing pisco, chosen from La Mar's collection of 27 different Peruvian brandies. Not sure what the heck we're talking about? Pisco is a clear-colored grape brandy that Peruvians enjoy on the reg--a great alternative to your typical trendy SF cocktail of choice. Bring your group, no matter how large, down to La Mar and have a pisco party!

3 | Amazing food: As if the photos above don't speak for themselves, allow us to tempt you with some delicious descriptions. Causa Limeña: dungeness crab crowned on a silky yellow potato causa, with avocado puree, quail egg, cherry tomato, and aji amarillo huancaina sauce. Yum. Mussel Chalaca: mussels topped with onions, tomato, choclo, leche de tigre, scallions and cancha. Holy cow. Cebiche Mixto: catch of the day, calamari and shrimp in an aji amarillo leche de tigre with cilantro, red onion, habanero, choclo, and camote. Bomb. Pancito Con Chicharrón: classic Peruvian sandwich with pork belly sous vide for 17 hours, layered with sweet potato, tartara rocoto, and salsa criolla on ACME bread. Mouth watering yet? If in the event you just can't choose a dish, indulge in a little Peruvian tasting. 

4 | Excellent people watching: Pull up a chair next to the window and get ready to enjoy the scenes of the city. If you're a local, or even an out of towner for that matter, it's no secret that SF is home to some of the best people watching. Let La Mar be your looking glass. Also, if you and your significant other are struggling to compromise on watching the game at a bar vs. dinner at a restaurant with nice ambiance, well then friends, we have the solution to this all too common couple spat. Ahem, La Mar. They've got a nice big screen at the bar for your viewing pleasure.

5 | Location. Location. Location: Take the F line to the wharf, or maybe you're fresh off BART and on your way to the yard. Either way, La Mar should be stop number one. Come by and throw one back before you're forced to pay $15 for a less-than-decent drink a la baseball stadium bar. (Not to mention the insane line to get that said drink! Yikes.)

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