5 Reasons You Must See Godzilla Return to the Big Screen and Destroy SF


If you're skeptical about dishing out the cash to see this weekend's blockbuster monster flick, don't be. Godzilla destroying SF is an absolute must-watch (and not just to get the 1998 flop with Matthew Broderick out of your head). From excellent actors to a plot that hits close to home, here are five reasons you should buy your ticket, like now.

1. It has Bryan Cranston

Everyone's favorite meth producer is back, and on the silver screen this time. Bryan Cranston plays the conspiracy-theory obsessed, former nuclear scientist, who forewarns about humanity's impending doom, and is ignored by the authorities until it's too late (because that's how it always works in films like this). Considering what he made us feel when his life was ending in Breaking Bad, we can only imagine the feels of seeing him watch the world (and more importantly, SF) end on the jumbo screen at the hands of a giant lizard. As a side note, it also has Ken Watanabe, because, of course.

2. It's True to the Original Film 

In this adaptation (only the second attempt at the Big G by American studios), the origins of Godzilla harken back to the 1954 Japanese original; the film presents him as an ancient monster – one that the government has long been aware of – and in this world, all those nuclear testings in the Pacific Ocean were attempts to kill the evil lurking beneath, and eventually those same attempts are what draw him back to land. For long-time fans of the monster series, look out for many tips of the hat to the roots of the franchise.

3. The Story is Still Relevant

Godzilla is meant to represent, "a force of nature, like the wrath of God, or vengeance for the way we’ve behaved," says director Gareth Edwards. In the original film, the giant lizard represented the all too near realities of radiation exposure, war, and mass destruction. In a world where we still constantly push technology and the planet to their limits (and let's not forget the contaminated Pacific Ocean) – Godzilla is the manifestation of our fear that nature may one day take its revenge on us. 

4. It's directed by the King of Monsters 

Gareth Edwards knows what he's doing when it comes to monsters as evidenced by his indie-flick Monsters.He also has a good eye for a beautiful shot (watch the trailer below and you'll see what I mean) – so it's okay to call him the Spielberg of monsters as a way to convince your friends to go to the show with you. Nerds take note: Guillermo del Toro has expressed interest in seeing Godzilla battle the creatures of Pacific Rim - though, no plans are yet in place. 

5. It's in SF, and there's air conditioning 

When else are you going to get to see a giant lizard rip through the Bay Bridge? Plus, there will be cool air pumping out of vents – necessary in this heat wave, and the perfect atmosphere to see Godzilla return to his fire-breathing glory.  

Get hyped with the trailer below: 

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