5 Topical Tidbits to Discuss Over Brunch


Sound bites from this week's viral stories, so you can impress your friends over breakfast. 

1. These Portraits Of People And Their Hidden Passions Will Make You Want To Find A Hobby Immediately, Fast Company 

“We always felt like guests in their passion, and they were guests in our work,” Sprecher told Slate. “Some people do something and spend time on their interest for many years. It’s very serious to work on something for that long.”

2. Beyonce and Jay-Z close tour with Tosca Cafe, Boulevard and the Melt, Inside Scoop SF 

"To cap off their tour last night, Bey and Jay ordered delivery to AT&T Park from the Melt for the entire crew of 130 concert staffers. The order consisted of 100+ Melt sandwiches of several varieties (The Classic, the Shroom, the Mac Daddy, the Italian Job, the Bird, the Shorty), salads and chocolate chip cookies."

3. Wikimedia Rejects Photographer's Copyright Claim on Monkey Selfie, ABC 7 

"Slater recently learned that Wikimedia considers the pictures part of the public domain and not subject to copyright because the monkey is the one that pressed the shutter button, therefore the monkey owns the copyright."

4. 'Boondocks' Creator Asks, 'What Would Black Jesus Do?', NPR

"Black Jesus, a new show premiering Thursday on Adult Swim, is about, well, a black Jesus. Set in contemporary south Los Angeles, it presents a Jesus roaming around a neighborhood filled with liquor stores, mini-marts and people praying for help."

5. Will the San Francisco Minimum-Wage Hike Kill Our Restaurants?, Zagat 

:Pastena used to manage Bruno’s and remembers all too well what happened in 2004, the last time the city increased minimum wage. 'We cut the shifts of the floor staff because we couldn’t afford to pay them. But it’s hard to keep up service standards with fewer bodies. That negatively affected the customer experience, and, in turn, the server. Sure they may get $11 more a shift, but ultimately it mean lost tips, lost shifts, lost revenue.'"

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