5 Topical Tidbits to Discuss Over Brunch


Sound bites from this week's viral stories, so you can impress your friends over breakfast. 

1. A Four-Year-Old Reviews the French Laundry, The Bold Italic 

"It tastes like a Tinker Bell popsicle!" 

2. SF Chef Melissa King To Appear On 12th Season of Top Chef, Premiering In October, SFist 

Recent Luce sous chef Melissa King, who has ten years experience in the Bay Area fine dining scene, has landed a place in the cast ofTop Chef's 12th season, which premieres October 15. 

3. California Fining ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ Participants for Wasting Water, The Daily Currant 

"I did the math and realized that thousands of gallons of water were being wasted, in the middle of one of the most terrible droughts California has seen in decades.” It was then Masters joined with the police force and new water restriction were instated. As of Aug. 15, any person or persons who are participating in the ice bucket challenge will be fined $500, as part of the Water Conservation Act. #satire 

4. All-women college redefines 'female' in its admissions policy, KTVU 

Mills is now the first single-sex college in the country to spell out exactly who is eligible to attend the all-women college.The policy covers applicants who self-identify as women, even if they're not female at birth - applicants who are neither male nor female but were assigned to the female sex at birth – and it even addresses women who become men after enrolling.

5. Mouches Pour Bal: Reviving the seductive language of 18th century artificial moles, Cool Hunting 

The nearly lost courtesan art of clandestine communication, through the application of artificial moles, might just be experiencing a modest revival. Literally translated as "Flies for Balls," Mouches Pour Bal are self-adhesive shapes that last swarmed women's faces during France's decadent 18th century court. Bell'occio, the San Francisco vintage shop known for reproducing rare merchandise by select ateliers has reissued the self-stick insignias in velvet.

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