Last Friday, The Little Jim Club of California Pacific Medical Center (SF's oldest fundraising organization for pediatrics) held its Mardi Gras Ball at the St. Regis Hotel. The single-largest fundraiser, Barry Barsamian, was crowned king of the ball.

Anne King, Jack Ryder     Laura Atkins, Robert Drake  Catherine Marcus, Catherine Schreuder

Bob and Paula Lalanne              Krista Mitzel, Eric Hankinson                   Annette Giambroni, Mary Condy

Kelly Grimes, Eric Noland                 Maria Hermanussen, Leslie Gay   Tara Beering, Kathryn Surso-Rodriguez

Guest, Barry Barsamian              Julie Plunkett, Jennifer Davis    Princesses Robin and Fati Farmanfarmaian

Hughes McCann, Jan Wahl

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