6 Reasons You Should Wear UNIQLO Supima Cotton


UNIQLO prides itself on creating the best basics in the Bay. A strong marriage of comfort and style produced in every shade of the rainbow provides San Francisco with unlimited options, no matter what the occasion. Here at 7x7 Headquarters, we're big fans of the UNIQLO brand and their new Supima cotton line, so what better way to express our warm feelings than with a love letter if you will, highlighting the six things we think are pretty darn special about them?

1. Soft and strong: Supima cotton combines both incredible softness and lasting strength, a pairing that usually isn't created equal. This is thanks to Supima cotton's fiber being naturally longer than regular cotton fiber, making it more resistant to pilling.

2. Born in America: Grown only in the United States, Supima is an exclusive cotton that accounts for approximately 3% of all cotton grown here. 

3. Built for play: Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) is a rating indicating how well clothing blocks ultraviolet rays and helps prevent sunburn. UNIQLO's UV Cut Full-zip Hoodie (which has those thumb holes we love) and UV Cut Cardigan protect against 90% of harmful sun exposure, which means more time outside. Hello, sunshine!

4. Every style imaginable: From men's briefs and t-shirts, to the perfect Sunday lounge set, even Cotton Cashmere, UNIQLO Supima cotton comes in just about every style you could possibly want.

5. Flattery will get you everywhere: Consider your search for the perfect top over—with a seemingly endless range of complimentary cuts, like crew neck, round neck, v neck, and Henley, you'd be hard-pressed to find one that doesn't look amazing.

6. Basic and beyond: The holy grail of getting dressed? Easy pieces you can rely on to get you from work to workout to out tonight without missing a beat. Rock the tank top with a pencil skirt for office chic, under your windbreaker for a bike ride, or throw it on with jeans and pumps for a night on the town. These wardrobe essentials are a go-to for smooth transitions, no matter what you have planned.

UNIQLO, your Supima cotton line makes us feel warm and fuzzy both inside and out. We like you. A lot. 

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