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The Peninsula may be baking its way through the Independence Day celebrations—by baking, we are talking about the weather staying in the 80s and low 90s. Brighten and lighten with some retail therapy at these fun spots in the 650, starting at the Stanford Shopping Center, which has the pretty floral displays, vibrant live music programming and a walk-this-way floor plan that adds a downright pleasant outdoor serenity to an outing.

Marimekko’s prints and colors have been around since 1951, yet are forever modern. Marimekko is a Finnish design company that makes groovy-smart looking clothing, textiles, bags and not-too-cutesy housewares. Grab a look that is big on colors–although you will also find a fair share of black and white combos. The Stanford Shopping Center (660 Shopping Center) has major markdowns of 40% and more on Marimekko, running now through July 14. Be the gal at the party who is the party – the Trissa and Likka frocks we’ve encountered from Marimekko bring a smile every time; and a Uniko tablecloth from here brings the flowers to the table year round and could in theory make a sweet gift, too.

Oh, the wonders of a good fitting shirt. Add a little trend and va-voom to your wardrobe world after a stop at Elie Boutique (1352 Broadway, Burlingame), an independent shop on a sleepy block of Broadway in Burlingame. The lady clothes here are fresh and stylish and sold by a friendly crew of … ladies. Lisa Elie, is a Burlingame local and her business partner Michelle Jackson offer a non-rushed and oh-so-helpful vibe—meaning, you may be able to explore a new fashion look courtesy of their professional approach and ability to see what really works (and doesn’t!). There is even a line of little lady clothes for young girls, made by Jackson. We love the name of this label for girls: Marzipan, which shows a sweetness and history (or maybe we just really love fine almond paste). Sunday brunchers, note: Elie is open on Sundays, when most of Broadway is shuttered and away—so get your shop on post-pancake feast.

A little time off means its time for out with the old, and in with the new. Get things framed and up on the walls, maybe redo the way the couch is set up in the living room. While Father’s Day is a faint memory already, the men in our lives are the sport-lovin’ kind and have a birthday every 365 days. They may want to head into the man cave, a mysterious place where stats and draft picks are discussed in long-form fashion. The allure of gifting a football card that is signed (gasp!) reminds me how much my brother sighed over a book about John Elway, a local legend given his time at Stanford University. Into ManCave Memorabilia (2205 S. El Camino Real, San Mateo) we go, where sports memorabilia—with rare items like signed helmets, bats and cards–reigns supreme. Ladies, don’t let the exterior of this place scare you; there a lot of great finds within. Rather than let dust collect on the sports pages our husband has collected, we can get things framed once and for all—and do it in a space that is tastefully masculine yet fun, just the way we like it. The staff has way more experience with the best way to frame that Patrick Willis 49er linebacker football card and oh yes, there is even a real man cave for those of us looking for tips.

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