After a year of what felt like non-stop eating, I thought I’d reduce my many (many) meals into a concise list of the seven most memorable. As you’ll see, some are old standbys while others couldn’t be duplicated—at least not without considerable effort.

Here goes, my year in review:

Live Uni – Just-out-of-the-water uni at Sushi Groove

The uni was so fresh, it was still moving.

Spice Is Nice – 5 Spices, 50 Dishes cooking class

Eggplant stuffed with a sesame-peanut masala—super easy to make.

Sushi Secret – Tekka’s sushi dinner 

All that sashimi for just two people ...

Five-Bowl Meal – Granola at La Boulange 

This has become a weekend staple.

Loco for Pollo - Zuni Café’s chicken for two

The bread salad is out of this world.

My Heart Loves Salmon - Saigon salmon sandwich at Fish. 

This isn't the salmon from Fish, but you get the idea ...

Ready-Made Halibut – Make-your-own meals from Cook SF!

Me cooking? Now that’s memorable!