7 People, 35 Glasses Later


We hosted a big dinner party last night at my house celebrating the visit of my sister Eden and baby Clementine (who will one day be one of the world's great gastronomes). Many courses, many wines--a great time was had by all. But, the challenge with so many wines--and having a wife who prefers to use a separate and proper glass for each one--is the clean up in the morning. Ugggh.

baby Clementine

Over four courses (not counting snacks and chocolate) the seven adults drank Champagne, white Burgundy, red Burgundy, Cabernet and dessert wine. That's 35 glasses to wash.

People have varying methods of cleaning glasses--some insist it must be done by hand, some will not use soap, some will run the glasses through the dishwasher. Many websites are even devoted to the craft.

What's my method? I just toss them in the dishwasher with a modicum of detergent. SF's water seems good for glass washing. We never get spotting. If I'm going to do a few by hand, with my index finger I just wipe a tiny drop of soap from the spout of the dishwashing liquid and apply it by hand to the lip of the glass and the outside where fingers touch the bowl. Hot water and then leave them upside down on a paper towel.

Spotless every time.
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