7 Questions for Songbird Sia Furler


Every so often a vocalist comes along, grabs you by the ears and has you addicted to her tones. For me right now, that vocalist is Sia Furler. You may not know her face but you surely know her voice. Her song “Breathe Me” was featured in the unforgettable last scene of the Six Feet Under series finale. Know her now?

You probably also know her from her vocal work on the Grammy-nominated Zero 7 album, “The Garden”—love that record.

Sia is one of the vocal darlings of ambient groove, down tempo movement. Her latest offering “Some People Have Real Problems” is out now on Desert Eagle Discs and it will knock your socks off!

The Australian songstress took a few minutes to answer seven questions for 7x7.


1. What brings you to San Francisco, and what are your memories of our mad, fab city?
SIA:  Well, I really love getting tacos, and I found a dead body once in Oakland, so all in all A+.

2. Your latest musical offering takes you solo, sans ZERO 7. What were the pluses and the minuses of this solo project?
SIA: I guess being the big boss is fun, but life rolling solo can be lolo.

3. What three things would you do if became PM of your native Australia?
SIA: If I became Prime Minister of my native Australia, the first three things I would do upon taking office would be…. One, I’d make it move closer to the United States. Two, make all beaches leash free for dogs. Three, apologize.

4. What was the first concert you ever went to? Who was performing? Where and when was it? Sum the experience up in a sentence?
SIA: The Stray Cats at the Barton Theatre Adelaide, Australia. Age five with airport regulation headphones on, front row, and centre.

5. A million dollars to give to a charity in return for doing something outrageous?
SIA: Bukaki. dogs.
6. On my stereo or iPod on a Sunday morning, you will find these preferred artists?
SIA: One: Primus. Two: Gwar. Three: Trickdaddy

7. My guilty pleasure is?
SIA: Vehicular manslaughter. (ssshhhhhhhh)

p.s. See Sia performing at The Fillmore on Thursday, October 25th at 8pm. I hope to see you there.
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