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Greetings chums,

There’s a buzz in the air this week. Could it be about Bee Movie? The Bee flick was directed, produced and written by Jerry Seinfeld—and he starred in the movie too.

Yours truly got seven funny minutes with the comic genius for seven questions for 7x7. For the record, contrary to popular belief among journalists, Jerry—the smart, funny and only slightly grouchy guy I assumed he would be—was a delight to talk to. Enjoy!


photo courtesy of Drew Altizer

For starters, a little gift for you, a gift from me to you with love (a stuffed bee).
Jerry Seinfeld: Thank you, a rat-bee.

1. Tapping in to your inner bee, Jerry, how was that?
JS: How was it being a bee? Um, well you know, I don’t really do anything. You don’t have to really do anything but read the script.
LM: Get in the booth, and ...
JS: Just get in there, read the line, and we’ll be done.

2. Now you’re sharing the booth with some other actors—Matthew Broderick, Sting, but no Bee Gee’s in the movie—any bad behavior in the booth?
JS: Bee-havior? I had a joke, I wanted to do a poster which they were showing. Berry was trying to survive, they were trying to swat him, and I wanted the poster to be: “Bee, geez, stayin’ alive.”

3. They didn’t go for that? See, that’s genius. That’s a genius comedian at work. And they didn’t buy it? What did Sting say? Did you make the call?
JS: The studio didn’t go for it. I did make the call. I had met Sting once before—lovely chap and a good sense of humor.

4. You’ve played this town many times. You’ve made us laugh many times. What do you love most about San Francisco and the Bay Area?
JS: It’s so beautiful. I love the people, and of course I love the style and sophistication. I love the Wilkes Bashford, and the walking up and down the hills.
LM: Good for your bottom, the hill walking.
JS: Yes, very good.
LM: Have you done that?
JS: Walked up a hill? Sure. I’m 53. I’ve also had an orange.
LM: Really? That was my next question.

(And then Seinfeld took charge. He had seven questions for me!)

JS: Have you ever ridden a bike?
LM: Ah no, I’ve been on the back of a bike, fell off, got stung by a bee. … Where the hell is this going?
JS: So where did you start, Liam? Were you in acting? I’m sure you’ve tried acting. I can tell.
LM: No, I used to watch Seinfeld.
JS: You’ve never performed? You’ve never been in a play?
LM: No … yeah.
JS: I knew it! He wants to be in the business. That’s my job.
LM: I don’t, Jerry. You’re the funny man. Who makes you laugh these days?
JS: You’re making me laugh right now. I find you quite entertaining.
LM: Yeah, but in the wrong way.
JS: That’s alright, I don’t care.
LM: You were meant to go, "No, in the funny way."
JS: No in the wrong way.

(I take charge again ... but only just.)

5. Apart from bees, what makes you laugh? Who is making you laugh at the moment?
JS: You know we were just watching Jon Stewart on the Daily Show and howling. Really, really good.

6. We’ve had some funny men come out of San Francisco, right?
JS: Oh, a lot. San Francisco is one of the great comedy factories.
LM: Robin Williams …
JS: Robin, Margaret Cho ...

7. I’m getting the old fisting signal, which means wrap up or shut up. This has been the most glorious seven minutes I’ve had with anyone ever. There’s a lot of buzz around this film. Good luck with the Bee Movie, and I hope it does incredibly well. We’ll get a few bums on seats for you. Would you leave the Bay Area with a nod and a wink?
JS: With what?
LM: A nod and a wink. You’re a good man. Jerry thanks for the giggles, sir.
JS: Thank you, Liam. Good luck with your new career. 
LM: Mmmmmmmmm.
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