Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson performs at Cobb’s Comedy Club this Friday and Saturday.

1. When someone mentions San Francisco what comes to mind? 
CF: Clam chowder and homosexuals

2. I knew you were a soup man. What makes you laugh? 
CF: Being tickled and children laughing when dressed as little kittens.
3. What is your favorite sound? 
CF: Peace and quiet… and children laughing when dressed as little kittens. 

4.  What is your perfect Sunday? 
CG: Ahh, one with crushed nuts. 
LM: How about “Sunday” with “a-y” on the end not “a-e.” 
CF: Well, the same answer: one with crushed nuts—that’s a perfect Sunday.

5. What’s your favorite smell?
CF: Vanilla

6. What’s life in America about for you? 
CF: It’s about 33 cents to the pound. No really, it’s about optimism and new beginnings.

7. Why should people come and see you at Cobb’s this weekend? 
CF: Why not.