7 Questions with <i>Atonement</i> Star James McAvoy


James McAvoy is fast becoming a Hollywood A-lister, albeit reluctantly.  He has had a good year, a European Film Award for his role in The Last King of Scotland alongside Forest Whitaker. He was voted one of the sexiest men in Hollywood by People magazine. Now he stars as Robbie Turner— Keira Knightly’s love interest—in the heart-wrenching period- piece Atonement. In my opinion, McAvoy deserves a nod from the Academy for this brilliant performance. However, the 30-year-old Scottish actor is not about to pack his bags for a full time Hollywood commitment anytime soon, but he is happy to get the work.

James took a few minutes out of his schedule for seven questions with yours truly for 7x7sf.com.

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San Francisco, when people mention it, what comes to mind?
James McAvoy: 49ers, hills …
How would you describe your relationship with Hollywood?
JM: Disembodied. I’ve never really done anything in Hollywood, and I know I’m connected to it, but I live in London and I work in Europe, and it’s just strange. I come over here every now and again and I go “wah wah wah wah wah, dance monkey, dance” and I go home again. So it’s strange.
You’re off to a desert island and you can only take 2 songs with you. What would those 2 songs be?
JM: Piano Man by Billy Joel and Fallen by an amazing singer called Kate Rosby—check her out, she’s amazing.
Is there a role you’d love to play that you haven’t yet?
JM: Yes, but it’s happened and it’s done and it’s over now, so I cant do it. I would’ve loved to play Sam in the Lord of the Rings, but ... it’s done. It’s happened.
When not acting, what do you love to do?
JM: Hiking. I like spending time in the mountains. Um… playing football, or soccer.
Your last supper—what would your meal be, and who would be at the table with you, dead or alive?
JM: How many people can I have?
LM: You can have three.
JM: Curry…Indian curry, but my own recipe.
LM: Yeah.
JM: Which I’m very keen on. My wife, Jimmy Johnston and George Best. (Two British soccer stars—Scottish and Irish to be precise)
LM: There you go, a  nod to your footballing mates.

I smell something ... a little Oscar buzz in the air for Atonement. I know you don’t get caught up in that, but that could be nice couldn’t it?
JM:  Well, yeah it would be lovely, don’t get me wrong. It would be amazing if the film won an Oscar, but really I’m just glad that we’ve made a good film. It’s a bit of a miracle to make any film, let alone a good one. So yeah, it’d be great if we did. But I’m not going to be thinking about it too much.
LM: Good luck with the movie.  You shined, really shined, in Atonement. I wish you lots of luck
JM: Thank you very much. Cheers.
LM: Cheers.

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