7 Questions with <i>Rush Hour</i>'s Heavyweights


Greetings chums,

When’s a sequel one sequel too many? Perhaps when all we can take is nothing more than the first in the franchise?

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Well, apparently for the makers of Rush Hour 3 starring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan, you can never make enough as long as the money keeps rolling in and people keep dumping their greenbacks at the box office!

Rush Hour 3 hits movie theatres August 10. I had a chance to sit down with Brett Ratner and Chris Tucker, the director and star of the franchise.



That's me in the middle with Brett (left) and Chris (right).

7 Questions with Chris Tucker and Brett Ratner

1. What comes to mind when someone mentions San Francisco?
Brett Ratner: I think of ILM, because they’re here and they did the visual effects for my movie. I think innovation and hipness. SF is a very hip place. And I think of The Streets of San Francisco, my favorite TV show.
Chris Tucker: The bay bridge.

2. This is Rush Hour 3. How many sequels is too many?
BR: We’ll go to 10. We’ll do Grumpy Old Rush Hour if we have to.
CT: Maybe five or six.

3. Reasons not to work with director Brett Ratner again?
CT: Because he gets on my nerves.

4. Reasons not to work with Chris Tucker again?
BR: There is no reason not to work with him. If he can keep making me rich, I will keep going.

5. What makes you laugh?
CT: Kids.
BR: Chris Tucker makes me laugh.

6. What’s on your Ipod?
CT: Michael Jackson.
BR: Mine was stolen.

7. A perfect day is spent …
CT: Going to the movies to see Rush Hour 2.
BR: Staying in bed with a few friends and watching movies. (Tucker laughs)

PLUS: Your tombstone willl read …
BR: Brett Ratner. Good man.
CT: Chris Tucker. The man.

Thanks very much, guys. Come back and see us here soon. Perhaps shoot in San Francisco. Oh, Rush Hour 4?
BR (laughs): Maybe.
CT (laughs): Ooooh, bring on the money.

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