7 Questions with <i>Superbad</i>’s Stars

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Superbad is a movie about sex, drugs, under-age drinking, but above all else, it's about friendship.

The three main actors, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera and Christopher Mintz-Plasse are pants down hilarious. I cannot recall the last time I laughed so much during a movie or an interview.

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Superbad, which opens August 17, is super bloody funny. In fact, on a scale of 1 to 10 on the funny-ometer, I give it 11.

I caught up with the three funny lads during a recent stop in San Francisco. Be warned, my friends: You may find the following interview slightly amusing.

From left to right: Christopher, Michael and Jonah

Hello lads. Welcome to the Bay Area. First, your thoughts on our mad, fab city of San Francisco.

Jonah Hill: Wonderful
Christopher Mintz-Plasse: It's beautiful.
Michael Cera: A little hilly.

How badly did you want the role in Superbad?
JH: Superbadly.
CMP: Badly.
MC: Same-sies!
(All laughing)
Your prom night. Was it a happy or sad affair?
JH: Um, sex.
CMP: Happy.
MC: Happy and sexy.

Which scene could you not do without laughing?
JH: The friendship scene.
MC: The scene with SNL's Bill Hader. Bill's very funny.
CMP: Yeah, he and I had to say I've cocked a block, and it took him like 30 times to say it.
MC: I blocked a cock. You said, I cocked your block. There's one scene where Bill Hader pulls a gun on me and Jonah, and every time he pulled the gun, I started laughing. It was really difficult to maintain.

Sex scenes. Are they easy or hard?
CMP: Awkward.
JH: Easy like Sunday morning.
MC: Difficult.

What or who makes you laugh?
JH: Ellen Cleghorne.
MC: Alan Arkin.
CMP: Well, on set, Bill made me laugh the most.
MC: Bill is very funny. Seth, Chris, Jonah, Gregg Matola, Judd, Don Robertson all make me laugh.
JH: Sony Pictures makes me laugh.
MC: And Columbia Tristar
JH: Friendship makes me laugh.

Name three funny people you would invite to your last supper?
JH: Dead or alive?

Dead or alive, who will be there?
JH: John Cusack, Peter Sellers, James L. Brooks.
CMP: Steve Carrell, Mel Brooks and Gina Davis.
MC: Larry David, Ricky Gervais, Christopher Guest.

Guys, good luck with Superbad. Hope you had a good time.
JH: Yeah, yeah. No, those guys didn't spoil it for us.
MC: Yeah, well I think they were drunk.

Come back and visit again soon. Cheers.
JH: What?
LM: Cheers.
JH: OK. Cheers.
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