7 Things Tyler Dawson, Owner of Found, Can't Live Without



Tyler Dawson, co-owner of Union Street’s new vintage design shop, Found, and principal designer of Tyler Dawson Design fills us in on seven things she can’t live without.

1.  Cire Trudon candles. “The scents are elegant and distinct without being too heavy or cloying, and each has a great story behind it. My favorite is Roi Soleil, which is meant to smell like the wooden floors in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles.”

2.  Converse Chuck Taylors. “I love how they bridge the generation gap, fashion-wise.  I gave them out as Christmas presents to nearly every member of my family last year, from my 2-year old nephew to my 55-year-old father. For some reason, I am amazed, delighted and only slightly embarrassed when we're all wearing them out in public together.”

3.  New York City. “As much as I love living in San Francisco for its beauty and lifestyle, I relish regular visits here.  The energy is contagious and sources of inspiration are abundant.”

4.  Vintage design books, vintage furniture, vintage lighting, vintage clothing, vintage jewelry, etc. “I love the hunt for vintage pieces. Interiors become so much more interesting to look at and interact with when pieces with age and history are layered throughout.”

5.  My vintage peacock lamps by Marbro. “They were an amazing find on eBay, and at a great price. They bring such life and beauty to my living room.”

6.  Friday Night Lights on NBC. “It's just so good!”

7.  The Pacific Ocean. “I don't know how to describe my inexplicable love for this body of water, other than to say that it feels like home.”


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