It's been a bit under the radar, but no longer - has expanded to Portland and Seattle!

See that drop down menu that reads "More Places" just below 7x7SF? That will bring you to 7x7SEA or 7x7PDX

If our sister sites look a little different, it's because they are! Up top, you'll see content Fresh From 7x7 Editors. Here you'll find guides to our Northwest neighbors that feature the best eats, best drinks, 100 Things to Do Before You Die, and more, all curated by local experts who live there and love it.

Next, you'll see 7x7 Favorites, a daily collection of socially curated stories from around the web in seven different lifestyle categories. 

On the right side, you have access to a comprehensive event calendar for both Portland and Seattle. Users can search and filter by date through a wide variety of music and cultural events in each metropolis. 

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