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Pac Heights: A One-Woman Tech Bus Protest

One lady, one bus, one finger. What began as yet another shuttle bus protest ended up going viral after 7x7 published this shot of an angry pedestrian flipping the bird to an eBay bus driver. One shot captured the tension building in the Bay Area over the an industry and an eroding culture. 

7 Things You Never Knew Were Invented in Oakland

Did you know that Rocky Road ice cream was conceived in Oakland? True. In case you're one of the few who didn't read it, find out what else made the list.

Yelp Turns 10, So Here Are Some Crazy One-Star Reviews of the Country's Best Restaurants

On the eve of the popular user-review site turning 10, we plucked a gaggle of terrible reviews given to some of the country's best restaurants. Never before has the idiom "grain of salt" been more fitting. 

San Francisco's Top 10 Hangover Breakfasts

Many of you—shockingly!—like to lift a few. To great excess, it seems. Which is why our top 10 breakfast hangover in San Francisco proved such a hit with so many, many, many of you. 

The 9 Best Kale Salads in San Francisco

Holy farty greens, people. You can't get enough of kale salads! (No, you really can't get enough of kale. It's a problem.) Seeing as how the cruciferous green reached a zenith this year—Hunter Pence being its No. 1 fan—our list of the top kale salads went appropriately bonkers. 

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