7x7 continued our series of tasting events showcasing the subtleties and strengths of small batch bourbons, at SoMa's fantastically vibrant lounge.

This time, aficionados explored the Knob Creek family of ultra-premium bourbons—including Small Batch, Single Barrel, and Rye varieties—in the venue's large lower level, where specialists presented a samples of, and a wealth of information on each spirit. Guests tested their knowledge at a blind whisky tasting station, before enjoying deeply discounted cocktails using any of the bourbons in classic cocktails like sours and Old Fashioneds.

Those who truly wanted a deeper education also had the opportunity to pick up the craft of making cocktails at a special station hosted by Mixologist David Nepove, who had all the materials and expertise for each "student" to learn how to stir the quintessential Manhattan cocktail.

The generous hosts at Monarch also provided delicious treats like humongous chocolate-covered strawberries, and an excellent live DJ set, making for a packed and rollicking good time.

Mark your calendars for our final event in the series—Thursday, March 14th at The Brixton—and for more info on small batch bourbons, click here.

Monarch, 101 6th Street at Mission, monarchsf.com

Photos: Nikki Ritcher Photography | nikkiritcher.com