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4 Twists on Easter Brunch Cocktails

Michelada Brunch Cocktail

San Francisco loves its brunch, and Easter is the perfect opportunity to dial everyone's favorite meal up a notch with these top-drawer cocktails. From fernet coffee to a fresh-squeezed bloody mary, think beyond the mimosa and try one–or all—of these reimagined morning libations.

Property Porn: $5.2m Twin Peaks Home

Take in a view from the top in this Twin Peaks abode, which will assuredely make you feel like Zeus, or Hera, sitting atop Mount Olympus.

The Courtyard, Off the Grid's First Permanent Home, Opens in Mission Rock

Off the Grid, the Bay Area's roaming mobile food court, opened their first-ever permanent market today—the Courtyard. Located within The Yard at Mission Rock, billed as a "pop-up shipping container village" for the gastronic set, the Courtyard joins Anchor Brewery, which opened in the same spot last week

Big Lunch: 50 Top Spots for a Midday Meal in San Francisco

There are only so many times you can eat a bag of Cheez-Its from the vending machine at work. To save you from yourselves, we are pleased to unveil our first-ever Big Lunch, featuring our picks for the 50 most delish spots for lunch in San Francisco. New to or just visiting SF? We give you the cheapest, quickest, booziest spots around. Plus, places to conduct your power business. You're welcome!

Kevin Spacey Is Coming to Napa Valley's Festival del Sole (Swoon!)

Kevin Spacey, better known to you as President Francis Underwood, will be the headlining star and entertainer at this year's Napa Valley Festival del Sole gala. Each year, a major star highlights the festival. Last year, if you recall, it was Sophia Loren. This year, they've scored a major coup with Spacey, a Tony Award and two-time Oscar winner.

Who Would You Glitter Bomb for April Fool's Day?

The fine folks at BloomThat, who provide nifty and unique bouquets, announced yesterday they'd be offering glitter bombs today, April Fools' Day, the most frustrating day of the year.

Big Bang Party After Dark at California Academy of Sciences

California Academy Sciences

The California Academy of Sciences will host its annual Gala and Party After Dark on April 23, 2015. This unforgettable evening is the opportunity to let loose in a stunning, iconic setting while raising a glass to bright minds making remarkable contributions to the field of science education—a topic at the heart of the Academy’s mission to explore, explain, and sustain life. And we're giving away two tickets to the event! Just sign up for our newsletter below to enter.

Coffee Table Must-Have: SFGirlByBay's 'See San Francisco'

Candy-hued facades and charming nooks and crannies make up the city we call home. But perhaps it's never been so glistening as in beloved local blogger SFGirlByBay's new coffee table topper, See San Francisco (Chronicle Books). Food for our esthetically driven brains, this page-turner is a neighborhood guide to the most Instagram-worthy sights to be found in the 7x7.

From Rubble to Riches: The World's Fair That Raised San Francisco From the Ashes

When the Panama-Pacific International Exposition opened in 1915, San Francisco looked fabulous: Bedecked with ornate, European-inspired architecture and an array of technological wizardry, the city resumed its role as a West Coast powerhouse less than a decade after near-total destruction. Block after block of property flattened by the 1906 earthquake and ensuing fires had been transformed to make way for glitzy new hotels, sturdy apartment buildings, landscaped parks and courtyards, offices, theaters, and a sparkling, gold-topped City Hall. New streetcar lines were built to carry visitors and locals to the fair, much of which rose on previously uninhabitable lots along the city’s northern waterfront.

Nightlife Guide 2015: After-Hours Clubs to Keep the Party Going

Remember that time in your eeeearly 20s when you were denied 2am access to The Endup because you'd had a few too many? Now that you're all grown up, join the rest of San Francisco's nightowls at the hoppinest after-hours clubs in town.
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