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Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1450 Pac Heights 1 Bedroom

Located at California and Buchanan, this Victorian mansion-turned-22 unit building looks like it could hold an amazing apartment inside. We say "looks like", because unfortunately the listing shows no interior photos. We're usually wary of such Craigslist posts, but at $1450, we think this one bedroom apartment is still worth checking out in person. There are a few details that sound pretty great, like the fact that the unit has two bathrooms and five closets - unusual features at that price point. The ad also mentions hardwood and carpeted floors, high ceilings and "lots of turn of the century charm".

The Best Outdoor Dining Spots in the City

It finally feels like summer in SF. Here are the best spots to eat (and drink) outdoors.

Slanted Door
The best news we've heard in a while? Fourty-four seats have just opened up on the Slanted Door's patio, overlooking the waterfront. An order of summer rolls, cold beef carpaccio with peanuts and lime and cellophane noodles with fresh crab, make perfect warm-weather fare. Cocktail aficionados will appreciate the ice program here too; just ask.

Indie Theater Roundup: 7 Movies to See This Week

The release of G.I. Joe marks the unofficial end of the summer blockbuster season, meaning it's only a few weeks until the major studios will begin to unveil what they consider the year's strongest awards contenders. Until then, here's a list of the finest films showing this week at an indie theater near you.

‘A Perfect Getaway:' Another Tourist-Horror Piece of Escapism

A quick and dirty, flawed little noir with the glam islander trappings of both Polynesia-bound Survivor and the Hawaii-lensed Lost, A Perfect Getaway resembles its colliding characters: the bourgeois tourists who believe they can swoop in and grab a little bit of paradise, scot-free, and the seedy predators who gravitate toward the same fantasy isles, also drawn by the promise of beauty and freedom. Likewise, despite its low-budg production and genre writing, the aspirational A Perfect Getaway rises slightly above its drive-in roots, thanks to strong performances and an unsettling red herring or two.

Lower Haight Art Walk Tonight!

Looking for something to do outside of your typical happy hour routine? Head over to the Lower Haight tonight for an evening art walk around the neighborhood. Start with a drink at Toronado and weave your way from shop to shop, taking in live painting, music, artwork and discounts at over 25 participating stores. End the night at Molotov's (the best jukebox in the city, in our humble opinion) and you've come full drunken circle. We recommend Xapno for pretty floral arrangements and home accessories and Mickey's Monkey for eclectic furnishings, but all of the area boutiques have so much personality that you really can't go wrong. It all goes down tonight from 7 to 10 PM.

Link Love: A Tribute to John Hughes, Meggings and More

Daily reads from our feeds …

Fashionista pays homage to John Hughes with a look back at their favorite style moments from his iconic brat pack films.

Get spiked. Thin wallets leave us with little money for new shoes, but this new multi-purpose add-on accessory is a trend we can afford. (via Refinery 29)

2009 Burger Bonanza: Bix, Naturally

Welcome to the 2009 Burger Bonanza wherein two girls eat 20 of the city's best burgers, on the path to burger enlightenment. The 10 best will then be chosen to be featured—in ranking order—in 7x7's September magazine issue. Burgers must fit our "fancy burger" parameter: made with beef and available as part of the regular dinner menu at upscale restaurants in SF. Beyond that, we're open to suggestions, which we hope you will leave in the comment box below!


SF Chefs. Food. Wine. (Cocktails.) This Weekend!

With the SF Chefs.Food.Wine event it's another big weekend for San Francisco, as the Union Square area will be invaded by the hungry, the thirsty, and the people trying to feed them. Hopefully, it all goes down smoothly and happily.

There's a ton of great seminars happening throughout the weekend, so if you haven't examined the program, you should take a look. For instance, you might consider attending my Pinot Noir tasting and discussion tomorrow morning. Got winemakers/reps from some of the best Pinot producers in the state on my panel: Flowers, Tandem, Goldeneye, and Patz & Hall. At 10:30 AM, a little Pinot talk just the right way to ease into your day.

Mindless Militia: 'G.I. Joe' Sneaks into Theaters

How the toys of our youth lose their charm when thrust huge and noisy onto the screen. First, it was the Transformers, reduced to inelegant CGI monsters by Michael Bay’s effects crew. Next up? The real American heroes of G.I. Joe, whose back-stories are at least acknowledged by director Stephen Sommers (The Mummy, Van Helsing), but whose charisma is all but eclipsed by the movie’s raison d’être – namely, deafening explosions and expensive-looking set pieces.

The Eater Wrap: The Non-Anon Newspaper Critic, Carte415 and Yelp

It's Friday, which means time for the Eater Wrap, the weekly recap from Eater SF on all the happenings from the local restaurant scene.

1) In the restaurant and media world, the earth-shattering news of the week was the coronation of Sam Sifton as the next dining critic for the New York Times. The move is a significant one because Sifton's mug is already plastered all over the interwebs, which spurred some musings on SF's own lovable, not-so-anonymous critic.

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