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Disorganized Crime Turns Deadly in ‘The Square’

The most recognizable hallmark of classic film noir – the corruptible protagonist, driven by greed, lust and ambition into a series of mistakes, each more damning than the last – is embodied in The Square by Ray Yale (David Roberts), who plans to ditch his wife and run away with the lovely Carla (Claire van der Boom), also married.

They’ve concocted a plan (foolproof, they imagine) to torch Carla’s home and make off with her husband’s hidden cash. They’ve even hired an arsonist – a mad dog named Billy (Joel Edgerton) – to do the job right.

Hold Me: Yeasayer Plays The Fillmore

Who knew the global-beat-driven psych-prog indie outfit that blew MGMT off the stage at Bottom of the Hill so long ago would today be referencing Art of Noise-style dadaist samples amid look-sharp rhythms and ska-punk sax -- and making thoroughly danceable pop? That’s the sound of “Mondegreen” off Yeasayer’s recently released sophomore LP, Odd Blood (Secretly Canadian), a blast of sonic experimentation that attempts to go Dirty Projectors one further in the finding inventive new ways to suture overseas beats to post-punk rock, aided by big ears and plenty of smarts. The group puts it in action Saturday, April 17, at the Fillmore.

‘Kick-Ass’ Joins the Superhero Elite

Why, among the millions of children and adults who grew up idolizing superheroes, has nobody ever tried to become one? That’s the question troubling Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson), a nerdy teenager determined to take a bite out of crime in the Big Apple.

Dave doesn’t seem suicidal, though his mission certainly does. Armed only with a green-and-yellow jumpsuit and a modicum of protective gear – intimidating he isn’t – he sets out to live the fantasy and gets a knife in his gut for his troubles. But thanks to a viral video, captured via cell phone and rebroadcast, YouTube-style, to a world of tickled witnesses, his alter ego, Kick-Ass, is an instant Web sensation.

Take that, Spider-Man.

Curry Up Now Parks In SF

Just because food shows up in a taco truck doesn't inherently mean that I'm going to get excited about it. (Case in point: I have yet to try out the frog legs from Spencer on the Go.) But if it's Indian food in a taco truck, you can bet I'll be there. (Or at least I'll send our intern there if I have too much writing to do like today.) Curry Up Now—which, until this week, has only been in Burlingame—just started parking in the Financial District at 225 Bush and Montgomery. Christina (said intern) dutifully waited in the long line and an hour later, valiantly returned, lunch in hand.

Filmgoers Get Ready: The SF International Film Festival Hits Screens Next Week

Local cinephiles, get on the edge of your fold-down seats! The 53rd Annual San Francisco International Film Festival is set to flicker onto city screens on April 22, and it won't quit until May 6.

Can't Make Coachella? San Francisco-chella Alternatives

Face it -- whether you slept on getting tickets, work got in the way or you are just plain broke, at this point all sings point to you not attending to the very sold out Coachella Festival this year. But as we noted earlier in the week, the Coachella Fall-Out will be evident throughout the Bay Area this weekend, with many of the big name Coachella acts cruising through our home turf before and after their festival appearances.

Sweet Charlotte: Gainsbourg Exposed At Palace Of Fine Arts

It’s not farfetched to see ‘09 as something of a banner year for Charlotte Gainsbourg, actress and muse to Nicolas Ghesquiere of Balenciaga: She brought home a best acting award from Cannes for her courageous turn in Lars Von Trier’s sexually and violently graphic Antichrist as a mourning mother taking her grief out on her and her husband’s bodies in some cringe-inducing ways, and she produced yet another acclaimed album, IRM (Because). 

Look of the Week: Coachella Edition

When packing for Coachella, there are a few key things to keep in mind: sweltering heat, cramped quarters (at the hotel, tents and in your suitcase), and of course, effortlessly cool pieces that you can  toss on and head out to the polo field.

And while a perfectly worn-in tank and shorts always make for a totally acceptable festival look, we wanted to go for something a bit more head-turning with a breezy sundress and au courant accessories.

Simply polish your outfit off with an oversized tote (don't forget a fan, water and sunscreen!), and you're sure to be stopped by the flocks of street-style photogs.

Beach House @ Bimbo's

Were you into Teen Dream? Do you swoon over Victoria Legrand’s grandiose God-given talent? If you answered yes to either of the previous questions, last night would have been equivalent to heaven. Spinning glitter diamond piñatas and lighting mishaps did not distract the eager crowd from swaying back and forth as they rolled through one song after another for almost an hour and a half. A woman of few words, Legrand got a few bad jokes in, but it was clear their intention was to get in as much music in as humanly possible, most new, but some oldies but goodies…and that didn’t go unappreciated. At the end of the night, the sold-out crowd staggered out the doors, heads spinning in stunned bewilderment.

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