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Royal Flush: The Dutchess And Duke Play Bottom Of The Hill

Seattle’s Dutchess and the Duke have a knack for throwing you for a loop: Jesse Lortz and Kimberly Morrison’s 2008 debut, She’s the Dutchess, He’s the Duke (Hardly Art), found new ways into seemingly played-out formulas -- namely an early electrified folk sound familiar to fans of Dylan’s Bring It All Back Home -- and the two’s new full-length, Sunset/Sunrise (Hardly Art), goes one better. The storytelling is sharp and surprising. The pop referents hark to the sweetly tough innocence of the Ronettes, as well as the earnest yarn-spinning skills of Phil Ochs. However you shuffle it, Sunset/Sunrise is a delight. 

The Eater Wrap: Critic Shuffles, Town Hall's New Chef, and the New Eater 38

It's a rainy day Friday, which means it's time for the Eater Wrap, the weekly recap from Eater SF on all the happenings from the local restaurant, nightlife and food media scenes. Plus, it's not really the weekend until you peruse the Eater Wrap.

1) In a few months or so, SoMa's South Park neighborhood will be getting a shiny new restaurant, and brace, the newcomer is going to be a grilled cheese specialist called The American.

A Store for Dudes that Hate to Shop (Hint: There’s Shuffleboard)

They say size doesn’t matter, but try telling that to the folks at Marine Layer, whose new Friday happy hour events kick off today in the local t-shirt company’s Russian Hill loft.

“The reason I launched the company was because I was always in between a medium and a large,” explains Michael Natenshon, who launched the line of super-soft men’s polo shirts and tees ($29-$60) with Sarah Lazaro last spring.

'Goldfish' at the Magic Theatre: It’s a Metaphor

Why are you the person you are? Were you deeply and/or direly affected by your childhood? Inevitably wrecked or redeemed by past lovers? Somehow disseminated by that tuna melt at the roadside Idaho diner in 2002? We all have a different story about how and why we’re the person we’ve become. Goldfish, now in its last weekend at Magic Theatre, explores that question for two college students – a young man who raises his own father and then flees home and the woman he meets mid-flight. His new love turns our hapless hero inside out, possibly the result of a lingering malaise from her own childhood under the thumb of a veritable tornado of a mother.

Link Love: Kiddie Street Style, Botox for Boobs and Elmer Fudd Hits the Runway

Juicy bits to start your weekend …

Burnt out on precious puppies? Refinery 29 lets us in on their new fave site o' cute, Planet Awesome Kid.

Brush Up On Your Iambic Pentameter for Shakespeare's 'Love's Labour's Lost'

Ever wondered what seeing a Shakespearean comedy would be like back in the day when the Bard was still writing them? Well, Shakespeare's Globe Theater, which is presenting Love's Labour's Lost at Cal Performances this weekend, comes pretty close to the real deal.

Medieval sets? Check. Renaissance music? Check. Old English linguistic acrobats that take you back to English Lit 101? Check.

East Meets West: NYC Bartender Does Beretta

With people like Momfuku's David Chang in town promoting his book and doing 7x7 panel discussions, all the talk in the food world has been about the NYC-SF rivalry in the food world. But it’s not only in the kitchen that the two coasts have their differences. Bartenders in New York and San Francisco have long had a rivalry, though it tends to be less contentious than the chefs. Vive la Difference is more the motto than trash talk like “all San Francisco bartenders do is put lime in glass!” That said, it’s still interesting to explore the differences between the two bartending cultures.

Indie Theater Roundup: 7 Movies to See This Week

A pair of anti-corporate celebrations of muckraking arrive at the Roxie this week, where The Yes Men Fix the World documents a series of elaborate pranks aimed at exposing hypocrisy and "unmasking global injustice," and Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story takes its final bow before exiting theaters. Elsewhere:

What’s the Deal: Atelier Des Modistes, Edo Salon, Harputs Union and more…

Deal us in...

Edo Salon and Gallery
: A two-for-one color special is on at this Lower Haight salon. During November, book an appointment for a color service with a friend, and you’ll receive back-to-back treatments and only pay for one of them. Appointments for both clients must be booked at the same time under one person’s name. Intrigued? Get an introduction to the salon during a 20's-inspired cocktail party being held there tonight from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.

John Hodgman Saying Funny Things About Twitter, Michael Cera, the Mac Ads and Sentinel

Writer, actor, and comedian John Hodgman has had a wild ride since publishing his first book, a collection of fake facts and "Complete World Knowledge" titled The Areas of My Expertise, in 2005. In that time, he's become the resident expert on "The Daily Show," co-starred in numerous films, and portrayed the "PC" in Apple's ongoing series of "Get a Mac" commercials. He's also written a sequel, More Information Than You Require, recently released in paperback. The More Information audiobook, also just released, features celebrity guests ranging from Sarah Vowell to Zach Galifianakis. Hodgman will appear in San Francisco at City Arts & Lectures this weekend.

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