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So You Think You Can Design? Enter AIGA's Competition

A label on a bottle of wine; a colleague's desktop calendar; the layout of an article. Good design can crop up anywhere, and it's impossible to know what it will look like until you see it, but when you do, you instantly know. For over 90 years, the American Institute of Graphic Arts has attempted to chronicle the designs that make you stop and look, and then look again; the crème de la crème of of the graphic design world, if you will.

Rogue Wave Goes Upbeat

The last thing you'd expect from local indie rockers Rogue Wave is a dance record. But then again with all they've been through over the past few years (a kidney transplant, the death of a bandmate, bedridden with back problems, lineup changes) maybe a brighter sound is exactly what they need to bring in a more uplifting 2010. The recent premiere of the single "Good Morning" (download via Stereogum) is a shockingly different sound at first: a pulsing synth-beat smacks you upside the head. But as Zach Rogue chants "the FUTURE, the FUTURE" we sense some well-deserved optimism for Permalight (out 3/2 via Brushfire).

New Single From Morning Benders: Download It!

Head over to The Morning Benders web HQ right now and download the single "Promises". It's FREE! If this song is any indication of what is to come from their new album Big Echo (via Rough Trade 3/9/2010), then we're looking at an early nom to every best of 2010 list.

Sleepless Nights: SF Pays Tribute to Gram Parsons

"Sleepless Nights" was supposed to be the second track on Gram Parsons' posthumously released second album, Grievous Angel, and the album's title. But jealous of Gram's relationship with Emmylou Harris, she pulled the track, along with three others featuring Emmylou, and it wasn't released until 1976's Sleepless Nights, an album consisting mainly of covers and the three dropped Grievous Angel tracks. Eight years ago, Eric Shea tried to get in touch with the people behind the Cosmic American Music Festival at Joshua Tree, where Parsons died in 1973 of a booze/morphine overdose at the age of 26.

Link Love: Levi’s + Opening Ceremony Collaborate, Locals on Project Runway and more…

Refinery 29 is all abuzz with the news that Levi’s and Opening Ceremony will reportedly collaborate on a line of cobranded apparel, set to arrive in San Francisco’s flagship store next month.

If you weren’t already planning on tuning in went Project Runway returns to Lifetime on Thursday night, SF Unzipped has two reasons for you to change your mind (hint: they both live in the Bay Area).

Heavenly Welcomes "Snowcial" Media Innovators

Sixty or so tech enthusiasts traveled from all over the country--and as far away as London--to convene in Stateline this weekend to discuss the evolution of social media at the second annual Tahoe Snowcial summit. Bay Area native and music mogul MC Hammer, an innovator himself in the online realm, came out to speak as the keynote on social media's promising future.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1500 Downtown 1 Bedroom

Apartments near downtown are usually either a. too expensive; b. in the Tenderloin; or c. way, way too expensive. This listing, located at Stockton and California, is surprisingly none of the above. It's within walking distance of Union Square and the Financial District, and a steep enough hill away from Chinatown to discourage throngs of tourists from meandering nearby.

First Bite: Gracias Madre

I will admit right up front that I have—well, had—a bias against cashew cheese. A strong, baseless bias against food items that call themselves something they are not: tofu posing as ice cream, seitan posing as sausage. I also have a strong bias against hemp parkas, for obvious reasons. But last night, at Gracias Madre, I experienced both hemp parkas as well as cashew cheese, and here I am to tell the tale.

The Eater Wrap: Barbacco Nears, Inside Smuggler's Cove, Shutter Galore and More!

It's a new year and a new decade, but the Eater Wrap is back in full force to bring you the week's most notable restaurant stories from Eater SF. This week's buzz centered around the rash of closures that descended upon the city, but as always, there's plenty of other whimsy, wonderful and juicy news too. Buckle up.

Amy Adams Lovers Will Get Their Fill of Perkiness with ‘Leap Year’

Who would have thought a perfectly adorable actress like Amy Adams would divide people so? Is it Adams’ button-bright perkiness, which irked a vocal crew when it came to Julie & Julia? Is it the puppy-dog-desperate desire to please that she often injects into everygirl roles like Sunshine Cleaning? Adams exudes the old-school, bright-eyed beauty of a Hollywood studio-system ingenue -- in full display in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day --  yet much like Renee Zellwegger, the Leap Year star tends to divide an audience into love-her and hate-her camps.

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