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New At Night: Som

Pink is dead -- long live Pink. The dance spot last owned by house DJ Franky Boissy once lured well-heeled clubbers past the ragged hookers and rock-slingers of 16th and Mission, into the supposed sketch zone. And Boissy and company brought in house music names like Louie Vega, Vikter Duplaix, DJ Spinna, and Dimitri From Paris, as well as locals like David Harness. Pink, alas, bit the big one not long ago, another recession-era casualty.

Check Off Your Gift List with Discounts at Chronicle

There are some gifts that require planning, thoughtful care, and a big chunk of your sanity to get just right. Then there are others that are no-brainers (a marshmallow gun for my nephew? Absolutely). You can always find a surplus of the latter at Chronicle Books, one of our most reliable go-to sources for fast and easy gift giving. Find cookbooks of all types for the budding gourmand, DiY tomes for crafty-types, and titles on art and design, travel, and plenty in between.

Chanel Boutique Re-opening

There are store openings. Then there are Chanel boutique openings. And over on Maiden Lane recently, it was wall-to-wall fabulousness at the re-opening of Chanel.

If we actually could have seen those walls (or the shelves, stairs and vitrines) amid the crush of well-dressed revelers, we’re sure they’re smashing. The boutique’s up-do was created by architect-designer Peter Marino who handles the signature looks of Chanel boutiques worldwide.

Co-hosted by sartorial swans Vanessa Getty and Samantha Traina, the event featured a dramatic black-and-silver party tent which enveloped most of Maiden Lane.

Orange is the Color of Odd: 'The Bald Soprano'

If you’ve ever taken a Spanish class and been herded through stilted “Where is the park?” “The park? Why the park is here!” paces, you’ll appreciate the deliciously odd and disconnected dialogue of Eugene Ionesco’s absurdist masterpiece The Bald Soprano. After attempting to learn English in 1948, the French-Romanian playwright’s desire to communicate with the Anglos of the world morphed into a play with language so simple, yet chewy and complex, that it seems to be a separate character with a will of its own.

Monk's Kettle Beer Dinners Keep Rolling

Because I love what they're doing so much, I'm going to take this space once again to hype an upcoming beer dinner at the Monk's Kettle. This Wednesday Dec 2, the Monk's Kettle folks have devised yet another really cool beer dinner, this time featuring select beers from Shelton Brothers, one of the most adventurous and fascinating beer importers in the country. Almost as cool as their portfolio, which sports beers from 16 different countries (including Brazil and Japan), is the fact that they're based in the aptly named Belchertown, MA.

Link Love: The $6,837 Scooter Helmet, Fashion’s Best Catchphrases and an Unlikely Tom Boy

Striking envy in fashion-obsessed scooter riders everywhere, Karl Lagerfeld’s couture helmets have hit stores, reports the Cut. What’ll it cost you? Oh, just a cool $1,805 to $6,837 each.

Victoria Beckham will reportedly re-launch her premium denim line, but this time with a new look and a new name.

Take Part in the Olive Harvest at McEvoy Ranch

Don't miss the rare opportunity to drop in at the sprawling 550-acre McEvoy Ranch this harvest (and holiday) season. Olive oil enthusiasts will clamour at the chance to bring their home-grown olives to the ranch this Sunday, Dec. 6 for a Community Milling Day and Open House.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1625 Cole Valley 1 Bedroom

Given their small size, the drastic contrast a San Francisco neighborhood can have from one side to the other can be staggering. For example, apartment deals in Cole Valley usually place you directly along the N-line, which kind of goes against the peaceful vibe you might expect from the area. This week's Craigslist deal doesn't do you like that though. Located on quiet, residential Downey Street, it's just slightly off the beaten path but feels so secluded by comparison. You get a residential setting that's only blocks away from the Haight and Carl and Cole; the N-Judah isn't rattling your windows but it is still close enough for downtown commuters - really, it's the best of both words.

Heartbreaker: Luke Rathbone Plays Hotel Utah

A young man on the rise - that’s Luke Rathbone. The 21-year-old Brooklyn, N.Y., songwriter will soon be joining his chum Devendra Banhart on the road (he fielded a sweet array of props from guest editor Banhart in a recent edition of Magnet) and is looking forward to the release of his debut, Hello Dark Prince.

Kasa 2 Comes To The Marina

Though the doom-and-gloom restaurant talk is completely warranted, since plenty of great restaurants have closed in the last six months, it's nice to see, occasionally, places that are doing well against the odds—or because of them. Kasa Indian Eatery is one of those places. The first location, on 18th street near the Castro, quickly drew a devoted local following (we included them in our Best Cheap Eats story in August of 2008) and it's easy to see why: wholesome, affordable Indian food is pretty hard to resist.

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