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Away We Go: Fiery Furnaces' Driving Music

Fiery Furnaces’ Friedberger sibs are monsters of rock. And it’s genuinely tough not to admire Eleanor and Matt Friedberger’s crazily prolific music-making and live intensity -- ideas seem to simply shoot off the Brooklyn, N.Y., sister-brother team like sparks. Astonishing to think the two have only been making music in the public eye since 2000.

Outside Lands: The Best Of Saturday

While Friday’s line-up brings oldies and fuses some goodies right along with it, Saturday power pumps indie experimental psych-rock with a sprinkling of hip-hop, all with one thing in common. They are all notorious for their amazing live shows. Lucky you. Here are our picks for the best of Saturday, in hierarchical order.

New and Not Just For Kicks: Chrome Shoes

You don’t need to be a badass bike courier brave enough to navigate the wilds of downtown San Francisco’s seriously trafficked streets to justify a pair of hardcore kicks from Chrome's new men’s shoe line, released this week.

Four styles strong, the debut shoe collection ($70-$90) features the same tough construction and durability that have made the 14-year-old company’s utility and messenger bags beloved by the local bike set, but are designed with regular pavement-pounders in mind.

“They’re just bomber shoes that last. If you get on a bike, you’re stoked, but if not...this is a core urban street shoe,” says Chrome’s Rob Reedy.

Get It While It's Hot: Food + Sex Magazine Debuts

It was only a matter of time before someone came up with the idea of this magazine—Food + Sex just released its premiere issue, a thin little volume with a collage-y design and a juicy collection of essays. Ever wondered about worm sex? Want a recipe for human-incubated yogurt? It's in there. This, gleaned from the "About Us" section of their facebook page, pretty much says it all, while simultaneously not making any sense: "By weaving erotic, shocking and thoughtful layers of beauty, wildness and the human spirit, we peer into the fire of hope and fear to find the hidden, seek the cosmic and reflect on the elemental connectedness in life that opens us to new ways of being."

Tarantino Talks Cannes, Brad Pitt and the Birth of His Favorite 'Basterds'

It started, as so many of Quentin Tarantino’s stories do, with a simple idea – men on a mission, their grit and valor tested by the desperation of their circumstances.

Although the nature of the mission came later, the Oscar winner (for 1994's Pulp Fiction) created his characters in short order: a hillbilly, of Native-American descent, leading a group of Jewish-American soldiers behind enemy lines in an Apache-style resistance against Nazi Germany. Thus was born Tarantino’s latest offering, the boundlessly inventive World War II fantasy Inglourious Basterds – which bears only the slightest resemblance to Enzo Castellari’s 1978 thriller of essentially the same name.

State Flag Prints from 3 Fish Studios

Have you ever taken a good look at any state flags? There's some weird stuff going on there. Maryland's looks like a seizure, South Carolina's seems to be thrown together using Graphic Design for Dummies, and the rest are a mishmash of stars, stripes and crests that are near impossible to tell apart from each other. California's state flag, however, is money. See, there's a big bear. A single star. And in big, bold print at the bottom, the words "California Republic." Simple, but instantly recognizable.

Wexler's: What To Drink With "Not BBQ"?

Seeing as I grew up in the heart of Texas bbq country, I'd been eager to get in and try the fare at Wexler's, the new Financial District spot with cuisine "informed by" cooking traditions of the American South and Southwest. Now I knew better than to expect bbq itself, especially since last spring I took Wexler's chef Charlie Kleinman back to aforementioned home for an inspirational little two-day bbq tour, where I got familiar with Kleinman's concept, which is not easily summarized. Certainly "bbq-informed" is not the most romantic sounding culinary description. Luckily, none of that matters, as the final result speaks for itself. No, it's not bbq--not even close--but what I had was very good.

Creativity Explored Teams With CB2

We're very happy to see that this collaboration is still going strong! CB2 (Crate and Barrel's lower price point brand) is once again teaming up with Creativity Explored (a local nonprofit center for artists with developmental disablilities) to help bring the work of their artists and the mission of the organization to a wider audience. This time, they've developed a tote bag featuring a view of San Francisco's Victorian row houses as envisioned by Creativity Explored artist Antonio Benjamin.

SFMOMA's Free (!) Experimental Arts Classes

This October, SFMOMA will launch a new free-to-the-public educational program, Pickpocket Almanack. Under the direction of independent curator Joseph del Pesco, temporary faculty from the Bay Area arts community will build curricula around lectures, workshops, screenings, and other scheduled Bay Area events. The course will result in a new framework for each event, allowing the public to engage with the topic on a higher contextual level. Faculty include Megan and Rick Prelinger of the Prelinger Library and filmmaker Les Blank.

Outside Lands: The Best of the Night Shows

If you can hack it into the late night, the people at Outside Lands have set up quite the impressive line-up of night shows - 12 of them -  at various venues throughout the city. OSL night shows offer those who either can’t afford or don’t have time to attend the all day festival an affordable (shows range from $10-$25) option to preview some of the festival's biggest draws. Here's our roundup of the best night shows this week. For the complete list of night shows, click here.

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