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Sales Talk

courtesy of Candystore

Baby, it’s still a little cold outside. So why not stock up on your winter wardrobe when retailers have slashed prices? They’re making room for new spring collections, which start trickling in early February, so if you’ve been holding out for that perfect coat, cozy sweater or pair of boots, now is the time to buy. Start this weekend—I’ve scouted out some serious end-of-the-season sales at a few of my favorite shops around town.

British Songbird: Kate Nash at Popscene

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

20-year-old myspace darling Kate Nash brought her whimsical pop to Popscene on Thursday, January 12.

kate nash

kate nash kate nash

Mini-Mandarin Mania

Photo by Stefanie Michejda.

Symphonix Party at Davies Hall

Symphonix threw a membership party called "An Evening of Exploration and Indulgence" in the Wattis Room at Davies Symphony Hall following a performance by the SF Symphony.

Economidis_Shotts_Hagan Meredith McNamara_Amir Nassihi
Roberta Economidis, Barry Shotts, Jennifer Hagan                   Meredith McNamara, Amir Nassihi

SF Photog Merkley!!!'s Book Party at 111 Minna

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

SF-based photographer Merkley!!!, who's best known for his saucy rock n' roll-inspired female nudes, held a party at 111 Minna on Friday, January 11 to celebrate the release of his new photo book. SF's most glamorous came out to see and be seen and to congratulate the eccentric photog. Also look for Merkley!!!'s work at hip nightspot Harlot; his pictures can be seen on the table tops in the VIP room.


7 Questions with Craig Ferguson

Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson performs at Cobb’s Comedy Club this Friday and Saturday.

1. When someone mentions San Francisco what comes to mind? 
CF: Clam chowder and homosexuals

2. I knew you were a soup man. What makes you laugh? 

SF Sketchfest Opening Night Featuring Aimee Mann

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

The Opening night of comedy festival SF Sketchfest on Thursday, January 10 at Mezzanine featured the best in laughs and great tunes courtesy of songstress Aimee Mann.

Aimee Mann

Sparkling Wine Snuff Film

It felt kind of creepy to watch this, so passing it along to you makes me feel, well, sleazy. I know, it’s scary what can happen to you in Europe, as depicted in movies like Hostel, Hostel: Part 2, Midnight Express or the YouTube video of the giant robotic arm of Belgian customs snapping the necks of 3,200 bottles of innocent, whimpering California wine. Like lambs to the slaughter, lambs to the slaughter . .
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