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Unexpectedly Charmed by Tiffany & Co. Key Collection

Iconic charms often strike us as a little too charming for their own good. So you can imagine our surprise when we stopped by Tiffany & Co. earlier this month to view the new Tiffany Keys Collection and (gasp!) actually got a sparkle in our eye to rival the diamonds dotting the silver, gold and platinum beauties all around us.

Travel + Leisure Magazine Is Dead Wrong About Best New Restaurants In SF

The May issue of Travel + Leisure has one of those irresistible, magazine-selling stories: The 50 Best New U.S. Restaurants.

Sfgirlbybay's Stylish Seven: My Favorite Design Stores in SF

Perhaps you're always on the hunt for unusual and unique finds around the bay area but aren't sure where to track them down. You might not have time to scour the flea markets, but crave that vintage-inspired, creative look. Well, in this week Sfgirlbybay's Stylish Seven, I'm sharing with you seven of my favorite shopping haunts around the city for one of a kind gifts, artwork, accessories and home wares. You don't have to travel far to give your home that eclectic, well-traveled artistic bent. Look no further than your very own nearby San Francisco neighborhoods.

Fleet Foxes Harmonizing All Over the City

Can you hear the bearded men harmonizing? The Fleet Foxes, the Seattle-based Indie-folk sensation with just a bit of hype (there was a Voice of the Year Nomination, a 9.0 rating, and an SNL performance), are sweeping the city. They played the Fillmore last night, and tonight are slated for The Palace of Fine Arts, which is sure to be one of the most zen-like experiences you could ever wish for on a Wednesday evening. There are also rumors of a secret Hemlock show, so keep those Twitter ears tuned. (Though The Palace of Fine Arts to The Hemlock must be one intense shock to the system).

SF Film Festival Opens with Benjamin Bratt and La Mission

Perhaps best known as Det. Rey Curtis, the impossibly clean-cut, religiously devout homicide investigator who spent four seasons patrolling the Law & Order beat on NBC, Benjamin Bratt has lately shown off his darker side – first as a recovering junkie turned unorthodox sobriety counselor on A&E’s The Cleaner, and now as Che, a mostly reformed ex-con from San Francisco’s Mission District, in La Mission.

Opening Day of Sailing Season: Rich Sailor Man, Poor Sailor Man

The San Francisco Bay is free from pirate infestations, so it'll be clear sailing on April 25 -- the official opening day of Northern California’s sailing season. Para surfers beware, sailboats of all stripes will take to the seas to catch the spring breeze and no doubt the envious eyes of landlubber bystanders.

Indulge Your Palate at Pebble Beach's Food and Wine Fest

No doubt, Pebble Beach will be a feast for the senses this coming weekend. In an event put on by American Express Publishing, more than 60 award-winning chefs from all over the country will join forces with 250 wineries for the second annual Pebble Beach Food & Wine, from April 16 through 19.

40% Off Furniture at Bae

Ah, tax season. No good for us freelancers out there, but jackpot for those who've been diligently giving it to the man over the course of the year. Had we a big refund check to blow through (sigh!), our first stop would be Bae. You can feel savvy while at the same time giving yourself a much-deserved treat, because right now all furniture in the store is 40% off. And if you've ever been to Bae, you know this is no ordinary deal - the owner's taste is tops, and since all their furniture is on sale, it means you don't have to pick through the old floor models or something that's been sitting in the stockroom for two years.

Sunglass Purchasing Tips from Angelina's Stylist, Jennifer Rade

Whether or not you’re in the market for a $25,000 pair of diamond-encrusted gold sunglasses, who doesn’t want to see such a thing – especially if there are only five pairs on the planet (Princess Caroline of Monaco owns a pair) and one debuts in San Francisco tomorrow night?

Top Eat + Drink Events This Week: Kraut College, Tea School and Home Brewers Night

No Teasing
Modern Tea owner Alice Cravens will be leading an in-depth brewing session and hands-on cooking class at Cavallo Point on Thursday, April 16, from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. She’ll demystify the vast world of tea, then share her recipes for sweet and savory treats to pair with you favorite brew. The class is $75; to book, call 415-651-2003.

The Brewhaus

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