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O, Yes

A friend came to town for a visit, so we broke out some Champagne on a Sunday night. It was also an occasion for my wife and me to get into our recurring argument—the Riedel O Champagne glass.

No stem?

A Very Good Year

If you haven't yet heard, 2005 was a stellar year in Beaujolais, a great wine region that has largely been forgotten in the modern vinous rush. The reason this place has been overlooked might be because it makes a lighter style of wine from a grape that no one talks about. Anyway, in 2005 the wines are not light, but are perfect medium-bodied wine. They have some tannic grip and loads of dark plummy fruit. I like them slightly chilled.

The Power of the Purse

Harry Denton's Starlight Room was the site of last week's preview party of celebrity and designer handbags, which will be auctioned off at "This Old Bag; The Power of the Purse" on Oct. 19, 2007, at the W San Francisco. Proceeds will go to the Breast Cancer Emergency Fund. Celebrities who donated their bags include Christina Aguilera, Fran Drescher, Brooke Shields and The Go-Go's.

Almost Old Enough to Drink

Toronado, San Francisco's number one beer institution, celebrated its 20th anniversary on Saturday, meaning that it's only one year away from being alcohol-legal.

Revelers at Toronado.

It was a packed affair, as people spilled out into the streets, happily warmed by all sorts of great Belgian, German and, of course, local beers. Toronado's reputation as one of the best beer bars in the entire country is secured—as was proven to me a couple of years ago when I met a bartender who had traveled out all the way from Boston just to do a stint there.

Eating My Greens

The Dagwood to go.

Lettuce is my idea of rabbit food, not salad. Sure greens ought to be a major component, but, in my mind, a large, leafy salad just means a lot of chewing. If I’m looking to fill up on a meal-sized salad that brings together various layers of texture and tastes to make salad chewing worthwhile, I search no further than Mixt Greens.

The Jazz Man

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

Gang Starr MC Guru brought his Jazzmatazz experience to Mezzanine on Saturday, July 28.


Cinematic Dream Girls and The Glamorous Ass of Sachiko Hanai

courtesy of Palm Pictures

Greeting and salutations
* film nerds from Miss Twila’s House Of Voodoo, Sex & Magic, conveniently located above one of the nicest crack houses I’ve ever seen in the Outer Mission. Was that a Baldwin Brother I saw just coming out of there? Nah …

Weir Cooking

I know Joanne Weir about as well as most people in San Francisco know Joanne Weir—which is to say, not at all, really, save for the familiarity that comes when you watch someone on television (Weir hosts a cooking show, Joanne Weir’s Cooking Class, on PBS) and read their cookbooks. But of course I knew of Joanne, and her excellent reputation as one of San Francisco’s most beloved food personalities and cooking instructors. She’s a consummate and hands-on teacher, and she has recently opened her home to small groups for week-long intensive cooking classes.
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