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Link Love: Levi's to Stay in SF and Lady Gaga Continues to Amaze

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No words, just click. You're welcome. (via The Cut)

Cameron Diaz looks pretty hot in a cone bra, via Bored&Beautiful.

Alexander Wang proves (to our amazement) that clear heels can be worn outside the strip club, via Refinery29.

Micachu And The Shapes Play Rickshaw Stop Tonight

Micachu Levi may not be reinventing the wheel with her inviting melange of tweeting synths,  noise shards and bent rhythms. But the adeptness with which she has synthesized 21st century American underground indies as varied as Deerhoof and Dan Deacon, Matt and Kim and High Places, and their avant-hardcore resistance to traditional song structures and hip-hop/electronic music-affiliated affinity for cut-and-paste appropriation, is tough to deny. It would be like dismissing electricity as flash-in-the-pan trendy.

Girl in a Coma Wakes Up San Francisco

If your band is handpicked by Joan Jett to join her label and your all-time hero, Morrissey, invites you to join him on tour, you must be something special. And Texas trio, Girl in a Coma definitely is. Sisters Phanie and Nina Diaz, and pal Jenn Alva have achieved more in less than a decade than most bands could dream of attaining in a lifetime. Named for the Smiths’ song, “Girlfriend in a Coma,” the group has gained critical acclaim and toured the nation both as an opening act and as a headliner. Now the girls are on the road yet again, promoting their new album, Trio B.C., and coming to SF’s Bottom of the Hill on Thursday, June 16. Find out below what lead singer Nina has to say about working with a punk rock queen, returning to SF, and adding a few tattoos along the way.

Mixology Madness: Neighborhood Bartender Bracketology

Just last night, while tending bar at Cantina (which I do most Mondays), I chatted with a lovely young couple on vacation from Tuscon. With plans already to see Alcatraz, etc, they asked me what I thought they should do while in town. "Get out and walk the neighborhoods," I told them. "That's where the heart and the identity of San Francisco is. And it's the most fun you can have to see what they're all about."

Dapper and Debonaire: Frank Sinatra and Elton John Photos Hit SF Art Exchange

The latest show to hit SF Art Exchange, “Chairman of the Board. Knight of the Realm,” chronicles the careers of Frank Sinatra and Sir Elton John by famed British photographer Terry O'Neill. Lining opposite walls of the gallery space, this rare solo exhibition pits 20+ photographs of an effortlessly polished Sinatra against 20+ of a quirkily dynamic John. Masterfully arranged in a mix of both black-and-white and color, the show tells not only of the men being shot but also sheds light on the man behind the camera. We caught up with the talented Terry O’Neill at last week’s preview event at the Clift to talk photography, music and celebrity.

When did you become interested in photography?

Today's Hot Links: Your Tattoo For Bacon, TiVo Bourdain Tonight

Submit a picture of your wine or food-related tattoo, win a free year of bacon.

Does the elitism of the Slow Food movement make you want to barf?

We can't wait—Julie and Julia hits the big screen August 7.

Advocates for good food spearhead a Bayview/Hunter's Point initiative.

Coldplay Possibly the Best Show of the Year

There's no better way to kick off your week than an evening with Chris Martin on a Monday.

Listen Up: Blonde Redhead, Ozomatli and Brazilian Girls Play This Week

Get your audible obsession fix this week at any number of showstoppers all around the Bay Area.

Blonde Redhead & Thee Oh Sees, The Independent, 7/14-15: With a semi-cult following, this Big Apple-based trio has been making waves in the underground indie scenes for years. They’ve had a somewhat tumultuous past with a rotating door of cast members, but the solid state they’re in now makes them an absolute must-see. Local favorites, Thee Oh Sees are set to open. Ps – both of the shows are sold out, so we wish you the best of luck scalping outside or hounding Craigslist sellers.

Meg Ray Is Obsessed With Chicken Korma

“Tracking down the perfect chicken korma became something like a vision quest for me. Honestly, I took out $100 from the bank and then went to nine Indian restaurants. In a row. My favorite place is Lahore Karahi—their korma is different than what I normally like. It’s a little less creamy than the usual, but the spicing is perfect. They don’t sell alcohol there, but you can buy Kirin at the corner store and it’s a perfect match for the korma—better even than [Indian lager] Taj Mahal. And it’s cheap—a plate of korma, with rice, is only $9.80 and it can easily feed two. My second favorite spot is Little Delhi, on Eddy. It’s like an old ’50’s diner converted to an Indian restaurant.

Jeff Hollinger Is Obsessed With Tacos

“I lived in the Mission for 9 years, right around the corner from El Tonayense taco truck parked on 22nd and Harrison. I’d go twice a week for the cabeza [head] and carne asado tacos, because they are cheap and the ingredients are in perfect proportions. Cancun is another favorite—I always overdue it, ordering enough for 3 people even if I’m alone. I usually get a few carnitas and carne asado tacos, a side of grilled onions and a quesadilla or two. I eat half and then take the other half for later—I have to stock up now that I no longer live in the Mission. Now I live in the Sunset, and Tommy’s has become my new local Mexican joint as a result of the Mission withdrawal. At Tommy’s my favorite is the panucho, which is offered only as a special.

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