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Link Love: Bow Heads, the Hated Scrunchie, Posen's Facebook Fashion

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During a perusal of the Diane von Furstenberg cruise 2010 collection on View on Fashion, we asked ourselves, what do we think of this big bow trend? You might not catch one on our heads anytime soon, but DVF is hardly the only one embracing these over-the-top accessories. For a local example, check out the recent profile of Liina Gruener on 7x7.

Napa Wine Auction 2009: Did It Beat Naples?

Well, that depends on how you measure it. This article in the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat says the actual auction--the glitzy live one over dinner--only raised $4.3 million, not even half the $10.3 mill of last year. It was also just short of the $5.06 million raised by the Naples (FLA) Winter Wine Festival, Napa's upstart rival in the glamorous, luxury-wine-auction-for-charity business.

Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1795 Inner Richmond 2 Bedroom

The Inner Richmond is like the sleeper hit of San Francisco - when you first move here it is by no means on your radar as a happening neighborhood, but after a while you begin to appreciate it more. After all, the area offers a friendly vibe, a few solid bars, close proximity to the park, and a few of the best dim sum spots in the city - basically all of our favorite aspects of living in SF rolled into one neighborhood. And did we mention it's cheap? That's why we had to feature this two bedroom available at 3rd and Clement. It is in a great part of the Inner Richmond and features two bedrooms plus an office, hardwood floors, and a washer and dryer. The kitchen looks nice and spacious, too.

Indie Theater Roundup: 7 Movies to See This Week

San Francisco’s Indie Fest ushers in two weeks of startlingly original sci-fi, unrelenting horror and demented fantasy as the sixth Another Hole in the Head film festival kicks off Friday evening at the Roxie.

Design Happenings This Weekend

Go ahead and let out a big sigh of relief - it's Friday! And better still, the weather is feeling good and there are loads of activities around the Bay Area to keep you entertained this weekend. Here are our picks:

Pop Noir is an enormous art auction and fundraiser benefiting Southern Exposure, a local non-profit organization dedicated to promoting arts education. It's taking place this Saturday at Electric Works, and is sure to be a good time.

Is Gialina Really the Best Pizza in SF?

Michael Bauer blogged today about bringing Ed Levine (the NY-based food writer and pizza fanatic) to Gialina, the Glen Park pizzeria that Bauer claims makes the best pizza in SF. Then he threw in this little diss:

On the way to Gialina, Levine stops by Delfina Pizzeria and Bi-Rite. "[Ed] thought [Bi-Rite] ice cream was much better than the [Pizzeria Delfina] pizza, which he said was good but not great"

Union Street Photo-Fest!


Did you have a fun time this year at the Union Street Festival? Did you bring your camera? The best photo of the weekend will win you a $100 gift certificate to Milváli Salon. Upload your photos here and check back in a few days, and see how wild it got. Check out some of favorite early entries below.


Esquire Picks Two of SF's Bars as the Best in the US

According to its June “Bible of Drinking,” today is the last day of’s Drinking Week. It’s a stylish package of articles, ranging from Monday’s annual list of the Best Bars in America 2009 , which includes Tommy's and Alembic (trend watch: dive bars in, classy bars out), to today's “How Not to Become a Drunk.” Overall, it’s much more a guide to the act of drinking alcohol than a celebration of particular8  drinks themselves.

Hard-Boiled Wonderland: The Candy-Colored Kaleidoscopes Of Hilary Pecis

Spilling over with neo-geo patterning beneath splashes of hot pink, rocky mountains of bling and soaring scraps of edibles, the collages of Hilary Pecis almost beg you to savor them, reach out and caress them - or put them in your mouth. Sensory overload, rampant consumerism, and the nightmare or illusion of plastic plentitude seems to be the sensation the San Francisco artist is striving for with “Intricacies of Phantom Content,” her first solo show at Triple Base.

What’s the Deal: Harputs Market, Ladita Closing Sale, Loomstate T-Shirt Recycling

Because paying full retail price is oh-so-passé...

Ladita: We’re sad to report that this Bernal Heights eco-boutique is closing its doors in less than two weeks. Until then, the shop is having a close-out sale that promises eco-friendly apparel, accessories and gifts for women and babies for up to 70 percent off.

Elizabeth Charles: A summer sale is on at this Pacific Heights destination for Australian designers, as well as in the boutique’s online store. Women’s apparel from designers such as Ginger and Smart and Megan Park are going for hundreds off regular prices.

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