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Chuck Hayward Is Obsessed With Negronis

Chuck Hayward believes a negroni is a revealing drink, a cocktail that is a true measure of a bartender, leaving no room for error or interpretation. Made from equal portions of gin, sweet vermouth and Campari, it must be made in perfect proportions or one ingredient will overwhelm the others. Where does Chuck go when he wants to scratch the itch?

Amaryll Schwertner Is Obsessed With Chawan Mushi

Go ahead—call Amaryll Schwertner an aesthete. As chef and co-owner (with partner Lori Regis) of Boulettes Larder, she has upped the food-as-art quotient in San Francisco and redefined prepared foods as we know them. Given all that, you can be sure she’s obsessed with something a bit more refined than, say, Cheez-doodles.

Single Day Tickets for Outside Lands Announced

We're pretty psyched about Outside Lands. And the good people at Another Planet are doing a bang up marketing job with these Fraggle Rock meets Muppets videos.  We can't get enough of Ranger Dave and Skeeter, especially in this just-released video, where they're riffing the arrival of single day tickets. Definitely a welcome announcement for those feeling the economic pinch.


Talking Yoga with Michael Franti

Headlining next month's Wanderlust is familiar ground for musician/poet/activist/yogi Michael Franti. The lead singer of Michael Franti & Spearhead has played to adoring crowds for years, and has been practicing yoga since 2001. Wanderlust, the three-day, music-yoga-nature festival is taking place July 24-26 at Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe, and Michael talked to 7x7 about his involvement, as well as his upcoming, 11th annual Power to the Peaceful event, September 12 in Golden Gate Park.

Thrillpeddlers Polish Up The Cockettes’ 'Pearls Over Shanghai'

For kids who were born too late to experience the fabulous freaks and drag delights of San Francisco’s world-famous underground song-and-dance company the Cockettes, your moment has come to truly sample the, ahem, wares of the groundbreaking psychedelic tranny troupe. The Cockettes may be gone, but it hasn’t been forgotten - thanks to the 2002 documentary The Cockettes and, notably, Devendra Banhart’s recent bouts of bearded-lady dress-up (commemorated with a fashion spread in The New York Times Magazine). The group gave safe harbor to performance icons like Divine and Sylvester amid the show tunes, bawdy bromides, and razzle-dazzle visuals, before it splintered in 1971.

Last Day to Satisfy Your Inner Zissou

World Ocean's Day was officially June 8, but the Cal Academy has extended the celebration of the sea until today. Buy any admissions ticket online, and you'll be entered to Life Aquatic-it in the new Deep Flight Super Falcon (pretty sweet name), the most advanced winged submarine ever constructed.  Destination? Kelp forests of Monterey Bay.

Coi and Danko Reviewed: Hypersalads, Lurkers and Scary Pigeons in Dark Alleys

This weekend, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal both looked West. For their "Save or Splurge" travel destination, the Times landed in San Francisco, alternating between $6, brick-sized "super" El Farolito burritos (speaking of: has anyone had their chile relleno burrito?

Hot Links: Food News To Peruse

Humphry Slocombe gets some Gourmet attention.

The unfortunate disaster that was the Great American Food and Music Fest.

Urban Daddy reports on Limon Rotisserie's subterranean lounge.

Link Love: Becks in Skivvies (Again), Free Music Downloads, Etsy vs. Feminism

In which we slog through oodles of blogs so you don’t have to....

David Beckham causes slack-jawed stares around the world (again) with his latest underwear ad campaign for Armani. This reminds us of a car accident we almost had when a previous Becks ad appeared over Union Square this time last summer.

To go along with the 80’s moment we’ve been feeling lately, the freestyle mix from Agent Lover is helping us rock out with our 1987 out.

Not Just For Chicks: Hangar One's Raspberry Vodka is Now in Season

Glory be, the Hangar One Fraser River Raspberry Vodka has just been released. Made from juicy, at-their-peak Meeker raspberries that grow way up in the north of Washington State, near the Canadian border, the reddish-pink, intensely flavored spirit is a true seasonal treat from those masters of fruit infusions over in Alameda. On top of the infusion, some fresh raspberry juice is added to the vodka for flavor, color and a little sweetness.

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