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Hanging Fire: Bay Metal Mavens Saviours Run Free

There must be something in the Oakland water - consider the still full-throttle metal underground centered in the city across the Bay around bands like High on Fire. Annihilation Time, and Saviours, the oft-lauded heavies out to make it louder and harder for all ye headbangers. The 2006 Level Plane album, Crucifire, by the latter group (which includes two vets of Yaphet Kotto, vocalist-guitarist Austin Barber and drummer Scott Batiste) was a blast of badass blasphemy that made Bay metalists perk up and listen: Barber apparently had his issues with archconservative fundamentalists in Arkansas and Colorado where he grew up.

Opera Fans Take Over the Ballpark

San Francisco Opera will hold its annual simulcast from Civic Center in AT&T Park this Friday, June 5. This year's piece is Puccini's three-act drama Tosca, a sordid tale of deception, sexism, and betrayal, complete with a love triangle! Admission is free, but if you RSVP ahead of time, print your ticket, and remember to bring it, you'll get "preferred" admission starting at 6:30 while the general public waits until 7. Pre-registering is also your best shot at getting a seat on the field. Show starts at 8(ish).

Matt Fitch, Coi's New Somm Passes the Pairing Test

A sommelier's job includes many things—buying wine, maintaining the list, training the staff—but the most visible of these is his or her wine-pairings menu. The wine pairings are the chance for the sommelier to demonstrate his or her ability to compliment the chef's food without getting in the way and bring both dish and wine to a new level, where the combination is greater than the sum of the parts.

Ready or Knot Wedding Challenge: Jennifer Nichols, Episode #2

Club One and 7x7 magazine have teamed up for the first ever Ready or Knot Wedding Challenge. Two trainers, two winners and the fierce goal of looking hot for the big day. Let the games begin.

Bride-to-be #1: Jennifer Nichols, former gymnast

Wedding: End of Summer 2009

Trainer: Strength and Conditioning Coach, Brian Hannah, Club One Embacadero Center

Tosca: Garlic Fries and Glissando

"High-low" may be a buzzword in the fashion world, but what about the concept of high-low entertainment? It can happen, as the San Francisco Giants have teamed up with Webcor builders to broadcast San Francisco Opera's June 5th performance of Tosca, live in HD at AT&T Park. Puccini's epic tale of political intrigue, sexual coercion and hypocrisy will be transmitted live from the stage of the War Memorial Opera House onto AT&T Park's Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Vision Scoreboard, allowing fans the pleasure of lounging on a picnic blanket on the field or taking a stroll around the stadium while enjoying the delicate aria Vissi d'Arte and the sensuous summer air. Sounds magnifico.

MTV Movie Awards Gives Fans What They Want

When the MTV Movie Awards delivers a jawdropping, “did they or didn’t they?” moment, you know the show is a success. And last night’s awkwardly riveting train wreck came courtesy of Bruno, a.k.a. Austria’s famed homosexual TV reporter, a.k.a. Sasha Baron Cohen in his greatest post-Borat guise yet. Descending from the ceiling in a blur of feathers and assless chaps, Bruno’s attempt to present the Best Male Performance Award to Zac Efron was overshadowed by his tangled harness and prompt crotch-first plunge into Eminem’s face, below.

Taxidermied Decor: What's Your Take?

Leaping zebras! We saw this Pac Heights mansion on Curbed and couldn't look away from the train wreck of decor inside. If the animal isn't stuffed or skinned it's plated in gold. Sad, no? Though that's not to say we're anti-taxidermy. A piece or two in moderation is fine with us, particularly if said animal wasn't hunted or positioned in an eternal leap to its death (hey, we might try the same thing if we had to live in this place).

Have Another Slice: Personal And The Pizzas And Shannon And The Clams Rock It Up

Do you remember rock ‘n’ roll radio? The danger and derring-do of so-called “jungle music”? The wop-bop shoo-bop shoo-bop? Two local bands - Personal and the Pizzas and Shannon and the Clams - tap a good-natured, jokey vein of garage rock that summons those sentiments. Now might be the time to catch them as they play around town – if you’re there, get up in their hair, buy ‘em a brew or even a seafood pie.

I'm an Ambivalent Parent, Hear Me Humorous Monologues at Cobb's Tonight.

Carol Brady and June Cleaver made motherhood look like a snap. An easy as homemade pie, wholly satisfying and utterly instinctual snap. But the adult survivors of TV-land's faux maternal perfection have made a cottage industry of kvetching, griping, sharing and obsessing. Mommy-blogging and mommy lit and maternal bitching are all the rage and the latest incarnation of “I'm an ambivalent parent here me roar” is the live storytelling series called Afterbirth and its tonight, one night only at Cobb's Comedy Club.

These, we’re told, are stories you won't read in a Parenting Magazine.

The Wooden Birds: Andrew Kenny’s New Project A Success So Far

Andrew Kenny is one of those people where everything he touches turns to gold, and his newest music adventure, The Wooden Birds, is no exception to the rule. The former singer/songwriter of American Analog Set fame, or AmAnSet for super-groupies, has compiled a new batch of Austin-based lo-fi indie musicians to carry on the same mellow melodies that put him on the map. While similar, the most obvious differences between AmAnSet and The Wooden Birds is the heavy percussion section and the breathy, yet beautiful harmonies supplied by Leslie Sisson.

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