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Tie One On

The Red Tie Gala raises funds for Little Sisters of the Poor

Half Wit Wines: The Only Half-Bottle Wine Shop in the Country

Two years ago, Gordon Uhlmann and Wendy Van Dyck, two wine-loving San Franciscans, noticed that most shops have an abysmal selection of half bottles. Thus Half Wit Wines—the sole half-bottle-only wine shop in the country—was born. With a dazzling 1,300 bottles, Half Wit features everything from fine and rare Burgundies (a 2002 Domaine Leflaive Puligny-Montrachet “Clavoillon” for $130) to wonderful everyday drinkers (a 2006 Hahn Cabernet for $10). Uhlmann, whose motto is “Drink less and enjoy more,” says his customers often use the half bottles to sample around without wasting wine. There’s no storefront, so all ordering is done by phone or over the Internet.

Spare your friends from holiday palate fatigue

In about two weeks time, I will have reached my annual puff pastry saturation level, a point I get to after attending the first of many holiday parties. Soon after will come blue cheese canapé fatigue, followed by miniature crab cake malaise. For no matter how different a holiday party might be, the food is almost always the same. Here is my public service announcement: Break out of the mold!

Winning the War of the Words

How do you win an argument? By proving the other person wrong? You may feel a fleeting victory, but if you've come out of a disagreement with one person right and the other wrong, and deeply chagrinned, then you both lose the pleasure of being on good terms with one another. And nobody enjoys the aftermath of an tiff, often characterized by hurt feelings and cold shoulders. To truly win an argument, you must settle the question but also reiterate to the other that the argument isn't more important than they are. This is where the small gesture of humility and caring comes in.

Customize Your Bike at Mission Bicycles

Your gift to you: Beginning with a fixed-gear IRO frame powder-coated  the color of your choice, Mission Bicycles will customize your bike—in just two to four weeks—to suit your experience, riding style and wallet fatness.

Pandora and SonicLiving Join Forces for Concert Listings

Internet music hub, Pandora just got cooler. We know, that's impossible. But a newly launched partnership with Emeryville-based concert listing website—SonicLiving—now lets you find out when your fave artists (from your personalized bookmarks) are coming to town. No more crawling through weeklies and inking up your fingers. Simply continue listening to your Killers' or Yanni stations, and, if the desire to shake your booty strikes, click "Find Your Concert Listings Now," and get your dancing shoes on, though we're not sure how much booty shaking Yanni induces.

Holy Blimp!

South Bay startup Airship Ventures has commissioned a German-built recreational zeppelin. It’ll be the first such airship to fly over US soil since the tough-act-to-follow Hindenburg. This winter, be the first—and, we hope, not the last—to take a two-hour flight.

The Black Nativity: A Gospel Celebration of Christmas

Thanks to PG&E, the Lorraine Hansberry Theatre has a home for its holiday musical, The Black Nativity—it’ll run in the utility’s downtown auditorium Dec. 11 to 28.

Going to See the Elephant, A New Novel Set in SF

The first novel by journalist (and Grottoite) Rodes Fishburne, Going to See the Elephant ($22, Delacorte Press), is populated by mayors, muses and an inventor named Milo Magnet. Need you ask where it’s set? Our fair city, of course.

McEvoy Ranch Launches 80 Acres, Olive-Oil-Based Beauty Products

With the reopening of SF’s McEvoy Ranch at the Ferry Building Marketplace comes its new 80 Acres line of olive-oil-based body-care products, ranging from soap ($8) to body balm ($20). Mmmm. Ferry Building Marketplace, 415-291-7224

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