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How Green is Your 'Hood? SF's Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Zip Code

Aside from a stray shopping cart or random rubber glove (creepy!), you consider your neighborhood pretty clean, right? Well, allow the Urban EcoMap to burst your bubble. Broken down into three categories denoting the CO2 emissions accrued from transportation, energy and waste, the Urban EcoMap shows just how un-green each SF zip code really is. For overall emissions, top bragging rights go to the 94111 (aka parts of downtown and the Embarcadero), with 8,588 emissions pounds per household. Last on the list? Balboa Terrace and the rest of the '27, with a whopping 67,944 pounds of emissions per household.

Saving the Samba at Pena Pachamama


Hot times up in North Beach last week at the 10th anniversary celebration of Pena Pachamama, which remains a sizzling spot of bold, beautiful music.

This restaurant-nightclub opened in 1999 by musicians Quentin Navia and her husband, Eddy Navia, the musician-composer who reigns as king of the Bolivian charango and founder of the world music group Sukay.

Now, this good-time gang of musicians, artists and dancers, has transformed itself into the non-profit Pena Pachamama Center.

Favorite Find: Custom Braille Rings at Rare Device

We’re all for love, peace and happiness, but there’s just something about stamping those kinds of words on an accessory that instantly dilutes a meaningful message. A new arrival at Market Street shop Rare Device, one of our fave spots for intriguing art and design objects, changes all this.

Order a Custom Braille Ring ($49) made by Indiana-based designer Studio AMF, and you can have your sentimental cake and eat it, too. That’s because the words on these eco-friendly wooden rings are spelled out in sterling silver Braille characters that get the message across, but stop short of blathering it all over town. 

Yoga Tree's Tim Dale Ready to Experience Wanderlust

Continuing our coverage of July's Wanderlust Festival in Squaw Valley, we caught up with Tim Dale, founder of Yoga Tree ( With four San Francisco studios, Tim and his wife Tara have established Yoga Tree as the ultimate haven for serenity-seeking city-dwellers. A slew of Yoga Tree teachers will be leading classes at Wanderlust, July 24-26, and you can still get tickets at Read on to find out Tim's take on music, yoga, and crossing over to the dark side.

‘What Is’ This Crazy Little Garage Rock Phenom Called King Khan & The Shrines?

Party sounds and throwback good times that go great with PBR and BBQ - what better way to explain the recent garage rock revival and the musical magic wrought by King Khan & the Shrines? King Khan, he of the King Khan and BBQ Show, is one of the prime movers - along with the Black Lips and upstart locals like the Oh Sees - behind the freshly resuscitated rock-out sound. How did he manage to climb to the top of the greasy garage heap? It helps to wipe the stage of all comers with your spazz-tastic and semi-clothed, no-holds-barred, no-hands-ma live show.

The Eat and Drink List: This Week's Top 7 Events

Top of the Heap
Top Chef obsessed fans (and we know you are legion) take note: on May 31 former contestants Jennifer Biesty and Stephanie Izzard, the season four winner, will partner up to prepare dinner at Scala’s Bistro, where Biesty is executive chef. While you eat the five-course meal, channel your inner Padma. To reserve your seat for the $65 dinner, call 415-395-8555

Raimi Raises 'Hell' in Raucous Return to Horror

Ah, those gypsies and their mystical curses. What will they think of next?

Nothing good, I suspect. Ancient curses and supernatural spells have long given filmmakers license to indulge their most exotic fantasies, inspiring scenarios so deliriously macabre they seem more surreal than shocking. And perhaps no American director has proved more adept at playing on our fascination with the occult than Sam Raimi.

Follow Ranger Dave For All Your Outside Lands Needs

Get ready to follow another hot celeb in the Twitterverse. Somewhere among your daily feed of Ashton Kutcher tweets, you can now get updates on all things Outside Lands from the one and only Ranger Dave. He's the uber-cool park ranger who first broke news of this year's hot O.L. lineup (if you haven't gotten his ridiculously catchy tune stuck in your head yet, check out the video at Make sure to follow Ranger Dave's tweets at and get all the latest news on this year's can't-miss music extravaganza in Golden Gate Park, August 28-30.

Listen Up: This Week's Top Concerts

Another week of great headliners lies before us. The question we must ponder is not if we will see any of these, but which ones to choose. Here are just some of the highlights for this week:

A Whedon-less 'Buffy' to the Big Screen?

Is the Hellmouth ready to open again, spitting forth demons, monsters and assorted miscreants from the farthest-flung regions of the underworld to prey on mortal flesh?

Translated for those unschooled in Buffyverse: Will Joss Whedon’s iconic vampire slayer finally be resurrected on the big screen?

The simple answer is yes… and no. While fans of TV’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer have openly pined for a cinematic continuation of the series, which met its demise after a seven-season run in 2003, they probably never imagined this: a reboot without a single member of the show’s original cast, and without any input from Whedon, the creative visionary behind its success.

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