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No Laughing Matter: The Onion SF is Dead

Thanks again, economy. You can't really take anything seriously when speaking about The Onion, but word from Gawker is that the humor paper is closing it's San Francisco and Los Angeles editions. Despite lauching and thriving in 2005/2006, a time when newspapers were getting blistered by Craigslist, Yelp, and Google (and, still are) The Onion gobbled up young readers with its not so hard-hitting news. It's a sad day but look on the bright side: no more ink on your fingers. And, more time spent on their awesome website!

How to Be a Better Diner, Part 4: Bring The Kids Early and Often

Welcome to our third guest blogger series written by Ella Lawrence, who works as both a freelance writer and a server at a popular restaurant in San Francisco.

Revisit: Heaven's Dog Remains True

I raved about the drinks at Heaven's Dog after my first visit, which was only a week or so after it opened. I loved the menu, the style, the execution. But no restaurant should be judged prematurely--revisiting is good both to see if things have improved or to see if they've remained consistent.

Swings Installed on BART

Who says grown-ups can't play on the swings? As if it's not fun enough, try swinging on a moving BART train! Last week a group of unknown people went out and successfully installed swings on BART between 24th and Mission. Maybe not so safe when BART does the swinging for you, but tons of fun and it added a bit of lighthearted playfulness to the ride of a few folks.

Check out the full Flickr set here.

Kiehl's and the Sundance Channel Screen Eco Trip

Part of a series of special events to inspire patrons to rethink waste in their everyday lives, Kiehl’s and the Sundance Channel have partnered to host a screening of ECO TRIP, featuring eco adventurer David de Rothschild. The new eight-part original series aims to spread the word about the environmental impact each of us has on a daily basis. The show explores the origins of common everyday products, investigating items from paper napkins to cell phones, and follows their life cycle from creation to disposal, revealing the environmental, social and health effects along the way. David de Rothschild will host the kickoff event followed by a Q&A session at the Kiehl’s San Francisco store.

Michael Pollan: Digging Deep

Our very own "locally grown" Michael Pollan is a busy man.

Russian Jewish Theater with a Side of Chagall

Last week we attended the much-anticipated opening reception for the Contemporary Jewish Museum’s latest exhibit, “Chagall and the Artists of the Russian Jewish Theater (1919-1949).” The first exhibition devoted to the artwork created for Russian Jewish Theater productions in the 1920s and 1930s, the show presents a discourse about the interplay between innovative visual artists and playwrights of the times. But the title is misleading.

Go-To Shops for Mother's Day Gifts

With Mother’s Day less than a week away, graduations looming and summer wedding season just around the corner, we’ve got a gift list that’s growing by the minute – and we’re pretty sure we aren’t the only ones. And while we’d like to summon up the perfect gift idea for every single occasion, sometimes we need a little help in the inspiration department. Below, the go-to shops we hit up whenever we need a special something for a special someone:

Lavish: With shelves carrying a diverse array of girlish delights ranging from James Jeans to J. Mendocino ceramics to children’s books and apparel, this Hayes Valley shop is an ideal place to find a gift for mom, whether she’s new to the game or a seasoned pro.

SFIFF: Rogue Wave's D tour

Rouge Wave made their big screen debut Friday night at the San Francisco International Film Festival with the documentary D tour; the heartfelt story of drummer Pat Spurgeon’s struggle with his kidneys failure in the midst of Rouge Waves’ increasing popularity.

Anxiously Awaiting Green Day's 21st Century Breakdown

Green Day's 21st Century Breakdown is set to drop May 15th, and a glowing review in the NY Times has us giddy with anticipation. Aside, from comparing the album to artists like The Who and Beatles, we hear that the album's tone follows American Idiot's political fervor but with a bit more optimism. (We can thank Obama for that.) The aging trio may not be as punk as they once were when they played 924 Gilman, but we're glad to hear the angst and fire is still there.

What's your favorite Green Day song?  Post a comment and you could win a copy of the new album.

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