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Elizabeth Hurley Thinks Pink

I snagged some precious green room time with Elizabeth Hurley yesterday while the Brit model-actress was in town en route to LA for a packed public appearance at the Bloomingdale’s Westfield San Francisco Centre. For the past eight years, Hurley has hit the road in October for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month to promote Estée Lauder’s pink products, which help raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Institute (Hurley’s own grandmother died of breast cancer in the '70s). So did the 42-year-old spokesmodel look as good in person as she does on film? Even better.

Casual Confidence


Brie, 30, writer
Lives in: Laurel District in Oakland
Wearing: dress from Target, earrings from Turkey
My style icon: My grandma

*Title supplied by subject to describe her look.

Old Is In


Alexa, 31, visual merchandiser
Wearing: Ray-Bans, a vintage dress, brown leggings, brown suede flats and vintage earrings. (Her bike is a 1970s Schwinn.)
Favorite vintage shop in the Mission: Idol Vintage (3162 16th St., 415-255-9959)—“I like anything that’s old.”

Coming from a Date


Richard, 21, sales associate
Lives in: downtown SF
Wearing: H&M jacket and belt, Bloomies shoes, Express jeans
My style icon: Marc Jacobs

*Title supplied by subject to describe his look.

Making Safe Sex Sexy

Hey all. I thought now was as good a time as any to resurface a video of my visit to TV show "Talkback," where I discuss how to put the "sexy" back into safe sex, improve communication ("communication is lubrication") with your partner and really learn about and take pleasure in your body. You'd be surprised (or maybe not!) at how many intelligent 20- and 30-something singles I know who have a problem broaching the "protection" conversation.


Listen to Sex with Emily at

Punk Lover


Sook-Yeong, 26, fashion design student
Lives in: Japantown
Wearing: Vintage jacket, top from Korea, Diesel boots, earrings from Hayes Valley store.
My style icon: I don’t have an icon, but I really like the punk style.

ENCORE! Kick-Off Party

photography by Jessica Lifland for Drew Altizer

SF Ballet ENCORE! kicked off the 75th season, and 15 years of ENCORE!, with its first membership party at the Martin Lawrence Galleries in Union Square.

Gia Colosi_Andrea Skor Marney Parker_CC Chen Paula Elmore_Elizabeth Doyel

Fishy Penance

I am not an advocate of a low-carb diet—or any diet for that matter. But let’s face facts. Sometimes—like for instance after a week in Philly spent stuffing your face with cheese steak, pizza and homemade ravioli, and with the holiday binge fast approaching—it pays to slow down a little.

Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Party

photography by Tanya Johnsen & Drew Altizer

Brooks Brothers held a private cocktail party celebrating the Black Fleece line and honoring the Junior Committee of the Fine Arts Museums of SF.

Andrea Zellner_Mark Welte Allison McCoy Courtney McBain_Nancy Bowman

Weekly Film Picks

Lust Caution
Lust, Caution; courtesy of Focus Features

Hey film nerds and nerdettes, check out these film happenings around town while I recover from my week-long post-reunion hangover. Damn those Groovers! Until next time, be bad and get into trouble baby.


Happenings Round Town
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