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Afternoon Playlist: Cinco de Mayo

Ah, Cinco de Mayo again. Another one of those "holidays" Americans use as an excuse to sport plastic beads and get sloppy. On this fifth of May, it's all about Corona, margaritas, and drunken tacos. To get you through this evening, we present a ten-song playlist—a little mariachi, a little Americana, but a lot of love for Mexico.

Cinco de Mayo playlist on imeem

SFMOMA's Artists Warehouse Sale: Original Artwork at Half the Price

If you've never been to SFMOMA's offshoot Artists Gallery in Fort Mason, then you've been missing out on some wonderfully curated exhibits featuring a dynamic mix of Bay Area artists. Not to worry, though - there's no better time than this week to make your way there, where from Wednesday through Sunday they will be holding their 16th annual Artists Warehouse Sale. Original artwork from new and established artists will be available at up to 50% off the retail price, with proceeds benefitting the programs of the gallery. Prices range from $50 to $5,000, so there really will be something for everybody's budget.

SF the 3rd Most Creative City in the World?

Fast Company magazine came out with its annual "Fast Cities" feature, naming San Francisco as the third most creative city in the world.  Who beat us out?  Seattle (hmm) and Cleveland (what?)  Check out which other cities made the cut here.

Big Screen: SF Film Society Awards Gala

A blaze of flashbulbs lit up the St. Francis ballroom at the 52nd SF Film Society Awards Gala where high-wattage Hollywooders turned gala patrons into paparazzi.

The bad news? The ensuing rush to swarm honoree Robert Redford required hotel security to form a phalanx around the still-sexy septuagenarian star so he could safely return to his hotel room. Really, folks: we just don’t do that in EssEff.

One to Watch: San Francisco Designer Mariele Williams

Instead of the unattended-to mail, errant articles of clothing and various electronic gadgetry one might expect to find strewn across the desk of the average 21-year-old SoMa resident, there’s a band saw and what remains of a pheasant carcass perched on the one belonging to Mariele Williams, whose leather, antler and feather jewelry made us stop and stare (in a good way) during a recent visit to The Perish Trust.

Sidewalk Chic: Springtime in August

Name: Mandy Cole

Age: 28

Occupation: Mom, retail (at August), bookkeeper, stylist, and photographer

Spotted: Rogan+Loomstate Pop-Up Shop opening at August, 6:24 p.m.

Wearing: Banana Republic top, Marni pants, Miu Miu flats

What do you find most important when selecting an outfit? "Simple style with a bit of irony."

Favorite item you were wearing & why? "My Marni pants! They are so incredibly fabulous and ridiculous."

Cinco de Mayo at Cantina and a Mezcal Tour

Not that we need any extra incentive to enjoy the libations of that wonderful country south of our border, but Cinco de Mayo is a good excuse to do it. And while I love tequila, mezcal and Mexican beer as much as anyone—and drink them often—the real star of drinking Mexican style is the humble lime, that beautiful, perfect citrus with an inimitable flavor and the ability to perk up any light, beach beer and to match seamlessly with all agave-based spirits. All hail the lime.

No Laughing Matter: The Onion SF is Dead

Thanks again, economy. You can't really take anything seriously when speaking about The Onion, but word from Gawker is that the humor paper is closing it's San Francisco and Los Angeles editions. Despite lauching and thriving in 2005/2006, a time when newspapers were getting blistered by Craigslist, Yelp, and Google (and, still are) The Onion gobbled up young readers with its not so hard-hitting news. It's a sad day but look on the bright side: no more ink on your fingers. And, more time spent on their awesome website!

How to Be a Better Diner, Part 4: Bring The Kids Early and Often

Welcome to our third guest blogger series written by Ella Lawrence, who works as both a freelance writer and a server at a popular restaurant in San Francisco.

Revisit: Heaven's Dog Remains True

I raved about the drinks at Heaven's Dog after my first visit, which was only a week or so after it opened. I loved the menu, the style, the execution. But no restaurant should be judged prematurely--revisiting is good both to see if things have improved or to see if they've remained consistent.

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