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A New Revolution: From Monument to Masses

Amongst a mellow head bobbing crowd, there's always a few showing off their spasm-like dance skills, thrusting their shoulders and flinging their hair close enough to smell what shampoo they use. Then again, personal space doesn't exist at standing room only shows, so a scuff on your new kicks is usually excused and well worth the sacrifice when FMTM is headlining.

Noise Pop: Thee Oh Sees

This week’s Noise Pop festival has proven that San Francisco is burgeoning with emerging musical talent and we feel pretty safe calling the locally based Thee Oh Sees one of the best underground indie pop bands in the Bay Area. Active on the scene since the late ‘90s, front man John Dwyer’s experimental home recordings morphed into a full-blown band over the course of seven albums and the group has found their calling in catchy garage band tunes for avid alt music followers.

The Bachelor's Lisa Marie Gonzales on Finding True Love in SF (at Bar None)

27-year-old Lisa Marie Gonzales knows a thing or two about the dating game. That game specifically being ABC’s hit reality show, The Bachelor. Gonzales grew up in Boise, Idaho, relocated to California in 2000 to attend the University of San Francisco, and has been a Bay Area girl ever since. In celebration of The Bachelor’s season 13 finale on Monday, March 2, the Public Relations Executive reflects on romance and shares her tips for San Francisco singles.

7x7: How did you become one of the 25 contestants in The Bachelor’s dating pool?
Gonzales: I submitted a photo online, and from there they asked me to fill out an application and do a video, then a more detailed application, then they flew me out to LA.

Goblin Cock Transcends Into Our Dimension

San Diego's own lords of death and destruction, Goblin Cock accomplished exactly what they set out to do last night at The Rickshaw Stop. Donned in their traditional garb of grim reaper-esque robes and B.C. Rich guitars, skulls were abundant and the sometimes shirtless crowd got into it (although fairly tame for a metal show).

Claiming powers to transcend time and space, the smoke machine-happy crew of Lord Phallus (singer aka Pinback's Rob Crow), Bane Ass-Pounder (guitar), King Sith (bass), Braindeath (drums) and Loki Sinjuggler (keyboards) dished up some serious sludge metal all with faces concealed (with the exception of Lord Phallus' beard popping out and Braindeath's face exposed wearing a Zorro mask).

Bix in the Mix: Doug Biederbeck

In troubled times, it is said, the sinful shore of vice stocks is often heralded as a safe haven.

And brother? Nuthin’ could be truer these days.

Enter master of the mix: Doug “Bix” Biederbeck, the dashing EssEff restauranteur (Bix, Market Bar, Florio) who is a sort of modern-day Nick Charles for the cocktail set.

4 Bay Area Etsy Shops We're Into

It's easy to get swallowed up into the fantastic source that is Etsy; with so many shops and new items posted all the time, you can end up spending hours searching through pages upon pages of owl-themed tea towels (or what have you)  until you find the gem you were looking for. To make the process a little easier, here are a few local sellers whose work we love, so next time you can go right to the good stuff...


Thao Nguyen Charms the Swedish American Hall

Thao Nguyen’s Noise Pop show last night was like sitting amongst close friends in a cozy living room.  Only it wasn't a living room, it was the Swedish American Music Hall, and it wasn't just close friends, it was 300 devoted fans.  But you get the idea.  The Virginia-bred, San Francisco-based folk rock singer/songwriter and guitarist charmed the audience with her bouncy acoustic style and soothing vocals, pausing in between each song to chat and crack jokes with the crowd, as if we were all one big, happy family of best friends. 

What it's like to Shoot Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom and Bat for Lashes

Photographer Lauren Dukoff takes us on a tour of her Noise Pop Art show, Family, which features intimate photographs of Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom and Bat for Lashes.    Find the photographs this July in the hippest coffee table book ever, Family: Photographs by Lauren Dukoff (published by our friends over at Chronicle Books).  Visit to pre-order and take advantage of a 15% discount (plus free shipping!) by entering "Noise Pop" at checkout.



Gregory Maguire on Wickedness Post-Bush

Wicked uses its magical powers for good – like turning the City hall dome green for opening week. When last we spoke to author Gregory Maguire, (who wrote the novel which became the Broadway musical), he was contemplating just how much longer the magic would last.

Louis Vuitton Sprouse Collection Launch Event with YBCA

SF scenesters turned out en masse for the Louis Vuitton: A Tribute to Stephen Sprouse event at the Louis Vuitton Maison Union Square on February 24 where invited guests sipped cocktails and grazed on hors’ doeuvres while snatching up pieces from the brand’s graffiti and roses limited-edition collection.  A reinterpretation of Sprouse’s original Day-Glo graffiti-tagged designs from 2001, the revised collection of clothing and accessories launched in select stores on January 9 to the glee of many Louis Vuitton collectors. Ten percent of the evening’s sales went toward supporting SF’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

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