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Top Eat + Drink Events This Week: Kraut College, Tea School and Home Brewers Night

No Teasing
Modern Tea owner Alice Cravens will be leading an in-depth brewing session and hands-on cooking class at Cavallo Point on Thursday, April 16, from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. She’ll demystify the vast world of tea, then share her recipes for sweet and savory treats to pair with you favorite brew. The class is $75; to book, call 415-651-2003.

The Brewhaus

"Best Of" Question #3: Which Coffee Joint Makes the Most Excellent Cappuccino?

Every June, we put out our "Best Of" issue.  This year, we want you to get involved.  So from now until the end of April, we'll be posting a series of questions about San Francisco.  Jump into the fray, and your writeup could be featured in the issue.


Which coffee spot are you devoted to?  Are you Blue Bottle for life?  Four Barrel every morning? Ritual fanatic?  Let us know in the comments.  Bonus points for cappuccino haikus.

White Lies and Friendly Fires Give SF Some Love Before Heading to Coachella

Oh, dear. The tragic and heartfelt lyrics of Whites Lies and Friendly Fires finally reached our San Francisco shores from across the pond —on the same ticket—and it was a fair sonic jolt to the heart. The two acts, now on a straight run for Coachella, managed to give us all they had. And there was enough to spare (with a much-anticipated after hours DJ set which went down at Paradise Lounge right after the show).

Make Fritto Misto, Not War

An evening of "fun and frying" awaits you tomorrow night at the UN Plaza. "Deep Fried Not Bombs," a kind of vegan sit-in providing complementary vegan batter and a complementary vat of hot oil (fondue for peace?), invites you to bring your favorite vegetables or dairyless/meatless items to dunk into the fryalator (which they promise will get hot enough, unlike last time). They'll be serving up rice as well to "calm your stomach". Vegan protesters apparently don't have stomachs of steel.

How To Be a Better Diner, Step 1: Toss Out Your Ego

Welcome to our third guest blogger series written by Ella Lawrence, who works as both a freelance writer and a server at a popular restaurant in San Francisco. Lawrence has been published in Travel & Leisure, Time Out, and the San Francisco Chronicle and has her own blog, Restaurant Girl Speaks. Every Tuesday for six-weeks, she’ll be dishing out the tips on how to be a better diner, something about which she has a lot to say. Listen up.

Radar Live: This Week's Hot List Includes Morrissey, Mos Def and Alonzo King's LINES Ballet




Online calendar editor Allison McCarthy gives her picks for must-attend events of the week.


Eco Fashion on Display at Secession Art and Design

Love the idea of eco-friendly, recycled, repurposed and vintage fashion, design and art harmoniously mingling in the same gallery space? We sure do. Not surprisingly, we were immediately smitten when we popped by the Eco-Forward Spring Show now on view at Secession Art and Design through the end of May.

"Best Of" Question #2: What’s Your Favorite Old Movie Theater in Town?

Every June, we put out our "Best Of" issue.  This year, we want you to get involved.  So from now until the end of April, we'll be posting a series of questions about San Francisco.  Jump into the fray, and your writeup could be featured in the issue.

Tell us which old movie theater you couldn't live without.  And for a weekly roundup of movies playing at the city's indepdent theaters, check out our Indie Theater Roundup, published every Friday.


Britney Brings the Circus to San Jose

Descending from the ceiling in full-on ringleader regalia (minus pants, plus fishnets), Sunday's headliner left no question as to who remains pop music’s reigning princess.

It’s Britney, bitch (sorry – couldn’t resist).

Screams filled the San Jose HP Pavillion the night of April 12 as Britney Spears took the stage for the first of two Bay Area stops on her whirlwind Circus tour. More Cirque de Soleil than Barnum & Bailey, the show incorporated acrobatics, pyrotechnics, and a smattering of nightmarish clown makeup. But nothing could outshine Ms. Spears herself, who, after what some might call a “tumultuous” year and a half, elicited the same frenzied reaction fans have been giving her since “…Baby One More Time” topped the TRL countdown in ’98.

Indie Theater Roundup: 7 Movies to See This Week

As always, here's a list of some of the finest films currently in rotation at a San Francisco indie theater near you.

1. Sugar
Where: Embarcadero Center Cinema, 1 Embarcadero Ctr., 415-352-0835
When: All Week
Why: Isolation and an early-life epiphany await Miguel "Sugar" Santos (Algenis Perez Soto), a Dominican pitching prospect who comes to question the limited scope of his professional ambition during a minor-league stint in rural Iowa. Written and directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck (2006’s Half Nelson), Sugar is a moving, unflinchingly honest take on the immigrant experience, infused with an obvious passion for America’s pastime.

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