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Pretty As Their Picture


Shafts of early evening light poured through the picture windows at the Old Mint last week, casting an other-worldly glow on famous San Franciscans.

But the majority of these famous denizens -- from jazz musicians, politicians, juke joint owners and society doyennes to shoe shine proprietors and famed foodies -- were also framed in glass; hanging from the walls of the storied interior of this 1874 building known as The Granite Lady.

What’s the Deal: Sales at Filippa K, Bryna Nicole and more

We’ve never been the kind to put all our eggs in one basket – even when the Easter Bunny is involved. This weekend, we’re ready to hop from sale to sale. 

Filippa K: Buy two items from the spring collection and get a third item of equal or lesser value free at this coveted Swedish label’s Financial District outpost. Good Thursday through Sunday, April 9-12, 2009.

Bryna Nicole: Save 30 percent on handbags from this San Francisco designer through April 30 with the discount code BUNNY30.

The New Des Moines-Based Readymade: Thoughts?

The deluge of shuttered home magazines has many a shelter-buff reeling, so when we heard word that there was a shift up going down with Readymade we braced ourselves for the worst. While not strictly a shelter publication, Readymade offers lots of great DIY projects for around the house, usually features at least one drool-worthy home in each issue, and can always be counted on for some good inspiration. It turns out that Readymade didn't shut down (yay!) but they did move their entire operation from Berkeley to Des Moines in order to cut costs, and lost pretty much all of their staff in the process (hmm).

Jen Bekman’s 20x200 Collectors Confab

Art lovers and thrifty shoppers turned out in droves for Jen Bekman’s 20x200 Collectors Confab on Monday to peruse prints and sip cocktails at Chronicle Books.  Jen Bekman, 20x200 artists Jessica Snow, Clifton Burt, Mark Richards and Chronicle CEO, Nion McEvoy were all in attendance.

Seth Rogen Redefines the American Anti-Hero in Observe and Report

Fresh off the success of his recently renewed HBO series Eastbound & Down, which cast Danny McBride as a degenerate ex-baseball star whose boozing and athletic decline earned him a one-way ticket out of the game, director Jody Hill returns with yet another portrait of an unlovable loser in the mall cop-meets-Taxi Driver fantasy Observe and Report.

The Slanted Door: $15,495,332 Rich

It's good to know that there are 340,000 people out there with some sense of taste. As reported in Eater today, the Slanted Door—wedged in there with a lot of steakhouses and crab places and Las Vegas nightmares—is number 27 out of 100 of the top grossing independent restaurants in the United States, coming in at $15,495,332, serving up 340,000 meals at a $44 check average.

Mirah at Bimbo's Last Night: An Oldie But Goodie

Mirah successfully cast the entire audience into a lo-fi indie trance last night at Bimbo's, packing her set with tons from new album (a)spera. It was the most behaved audience we've ever seen - not so much as a peep or a photography flash in between songs.  This didn't go unnoticed -- Mirah graciously thanked her loyal fans for the quiet and respect.

Sfgirlbybay's Stylish Seven: For the Love of Photography

If you ever read my blog, sfgirlbybay, you might have realized I'm kind of obsessed with photography. I was actually a photography major in high school, working back then in the school darkroom, and loving the smell of those chemicals, and beautiful old SLR cameras. I still love those vintage cameras, as I know many of you do...and even though you can't find film for some of them, they still make for some interesting, decorative objets d'art. This week on Sfgirlbybay's Stylish Seven, I'd like to share my love of photography. The web is a great resource for seeking out great photography, whether it's simply for inspiration, or perhaps some afforable artwork for your walls. Here's some of my favorites.

Video: Green Day at The Independent

Arriving at the Independent quite unexpectedly for a surprise, sold-out show announced just hours beforehand, Green Day was everything you’d expect them to be – loud, punctual and exceptionally polished after a hiatus of nearly three years.

While the nearly three-hour concert was essentially a showcase for their new album, 21st Century Breakdown – which, from the sound of it, picks up right where 2004’s American Idiot left off, with plenty of down-tempo, piano-heavy ballads and no small amount of socially conscious angst – longtime fans were treated to a raucous, boundlessly energetic set featuring trademark hits like “Longview,” “Christie Road” and “Jesus of Suburbia.”

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