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Hot 20 2009: Anastasia Griffith, Actress in NBC'S 'Trauma'

Judging from Anastasia Griffith’s riveting performance as a drug-using minx-cum-restaurateur on FX’s Emmy-winning drama Damages, it’s only a matter of time before the Paris-born actress starts raking in the award nominations. For now, earning distinction as one of this year’s Hot 20 evokes an acceptance speech from the modest Londoner. “I’m definitely under 40, so I qualify,” says Griffith, who stars as a paramedic in Trauma, NBC’s new high-octane medical drama set in SF. “I’m fairly of-the-moment, working on a show that’s being filmed in San Francisco. I’ve never received accolades before, so this is very flattering.”

Hot 20 2009: Amanda Adams, Archaeologist and Founder of Loki

When Amanda Adams dreamed of being an archaeologist, she pictured something more Indiana Jones than library-locked academic. So when she saw the results of her year-long digs being transcribed into esoteric tomes that were bound to gather dust on college library shelves, she decided to start her own company with the aim of sharing her historical discoveries with a wider audience.

Hot 20 2009: Monique Jenkinson, Performance Artist

Photography by Erik Almås.

Monique Jenkinson claims that her parents have been grooming her to be a gay man since birth—odd considering her upbringing in the “white Christian suburbs” of Denver. “My mom was really into old movies, camp and disco,” says Jenkinson. “At a very young age, she put in my little hands Miss Piggy’s Guide to Life and DV, the autobiography of Diana Vreeland. My father would dress me as Raggedy Ann just for fun.”

James Freeman Is Obsessed With Pizza

Man cannot live on coffee alone, even if that man is James Freeman. What else gets him going? Pizza, an obsession he shares with his four-year-old son and frequent dining companion, Dashiell.

Jamie Lauren Is Obsessed With Hot Dogs

We’d heard that Jamie Lauren—the tattooed New York-born chef of Absinthe and former Top Chef contestant—has an obsession with shoes, but we had no idea that she is also really obsessed with hot dogs.


photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

For the debut of the Musicbox live music showcase hosted by Heineken and indie rocker Chris Clouse got the feverish rockers to get down and dirty at Notte in Cow Hollow.


Love To Love You

Courtesy of the Lovemakers

Inside the Kitchen

For some, cooking is therapeutic. For me, it’s watching people cook that soothes me—that’s why when I had cable, the Food Network was my go-to channel. I actually felt like Rachel and Giada were my buddies. But as TV chefs often lament, we still don’t have smellivision—or tastevision for that matter—which means we don’t get to experience the full effect of a well-cooked meal.

(Not So) Permanent Vacation

Courtesy of UCLA Film & Television Archive

Greetings and salutations
film nerds. I’m still on my much-needed sabbatical from the Reel. In the meantime, here’s a list of film happenings around town. Until we meet again, be bad and, get into trouble baby.

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