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Rockin’ Green Days

I’ve read a lot about artists going green, with tour buses run on biodiesel fuel and other steps taken to reduce their carbon imprint. Heck, Sheryl Crow even toured with Laurie David (“Stop Global Warming Now”). It’s always great to hear about the newly enlightened and good to know that they can lead by example.

photo courtesy of Radiohead

This Bud's for You

Budweiser started a new campaign of campaign-related TV ads called “Lager Lessons.”  This YouTube video is the only one I could find online, and it’s the weakest.

What I like about the others, actually, is that they say something about the product (how it’s made, how lagers differ from ales and are harder to make … etc.) rather than just being silly (waazzzzupppp! -- which was funny the first five or six times).

Maverick's New Magazine

Visitors to my apartment will attest that I am completely obsessed with magazines. An impressive stack sits beside my bed and several more act as side tables in my living room. Despite what they say about how the “interweb” is going to gradually replace print media, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as actually holding a book or magazine in your hand—you can’t really take your laptop to the beach, or curl up with it in bed. (Well, maybe you can…but you really shouldn’t.)

Cornelius at the Fillmore

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

Innovative Japanese producer and musician Cornelius brought his magnificent live show to the Fillmore on Friday, January 18. Experimental power-pop outfit No Age started things off.


3 Superbowl Parties

I won’t be in town this coming Sunday when the New York Giants take on the New England Patriots for the biggest football game of the year. But if I were, I’d put my bet on one of these food-and-drink-oriented Superbowl parties. Why go to any old sports bar when you can go to a real restaurant or a nice hotel?

Enrico's patio lets you watch the game outside.

A Number's Game

Recently, I went to a Hurry Date speed dating party as part of the “field research” portion of my job. Truth be told, this was the first time I'd ever attended an actual event or activity around dating.

How it works: A maximum of 25 men and 25 women (in your age range) show up at the party, which is held at different restaurants and bars around town. The night warms up with a half hour of drinking and mingling. This also happens to be a good time to size up your competition and potential matches, if you’re so inclined.

Women are then placed at separate tables, where they stay put as the men circle around and sit with them, one at a time, through the evening.

ENCORE! Opening Gala

photography by Heather Wiley & Vasna Wilson for Drew Altizer

ENCORE! celebrated the opening of the ballet season with a fun and festive gala comprising cocktails, dinner, dancing and a special performance.

Tracy Huebner_Christian Huebner Michelle Curtis Alyson Yamada_Lauren Hawkins

An Epic Training

As you probably know, Epic Roasthouse, the new meat restaurant from Pat Kuleto and Co. down on the Embarcadero, opens today down on the Embarcadero. While resolved to eat less meat, I still have a great interest in it, especially how animals are raised, killed and prepared. So when Epic’s executive chef Jan Birnbaum invited me about a week and a half ago to sit in with the entire restaurant staff for their training on their meats, I went.

SF Ballet Auxiliary Diamond Gala

The SF Ballet launched its 75th anniversary season with an opening night shindig called "The Diamond Gala Celebration." The Ballet Auxiliary's black-tie event and fundraiser included dinner at City Hall, a ballet performance and an after-party with food, drink and multiple dance venues.

Zachary Bogue_Marissa Mayer O.J. Shansby Pamela Joyner_Alfred Guiffrida
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