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Zoe’s Yearning Blossoms in Cassavetes’ Shadow

Or Thank God For Parker Posey’s Summertime Double Down …

Rock Party

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

To help kick off the weekend of non-stop rock at the BFD music festival, radio station Live 105 hosted a pre-party a Mezzanine with Every Move A Picture, LCD Soundsystem and the Lovemakers.


Sweet Charity

Clockwise from top left: Des Jardins, Florence, Bloomfield, Williams-Sonoma founder Chuck Williams (who'll be honored at the dinner), Keller, Falkner, Fox, Cosentino.

I’m a big believer that more is more. Though it’s fun, and often revelatory, to go to a restaurant and enjoy a particular chef’s talents, it’s even more fun to eat your way through an event that combines the efforts of, say, seven of the country’s best chefs.

Hot Chick

Picadillos at Piqueo's

My Precious

photography by Vasna Wilson for Drew Altizer

Lee Siegelson, president and owner of Siegelson (a third-generation New York estate jeweler), and Neiman Marcus held a luncheon for a select group of precious jewelry customers in the department store's Private Room. Guests were later taken to the Legion of Honor to tour the Masterpieces of French Jewelry show (to which Siegelson lent three pieces).

Hayley's Perfect Picnic Playlist

Due to copyright issues some songs on this playlist may be reduced to 30-second samples. For the full-length tracks check out our 7x7 imeem page.

Sex, Swinging and Those Late-Night Text Messages

Last year I was asked by 7x7 magazine to conduct a roundtable with a diverse group of San Franciscans talking about sex. The article on that roundtable ran in the 7x7 Sex Issue last summer.

I received a ton of feedback on the story ranging from “Thank god I’m not the only one who needs a really good hand job” to “Why can’t I seem to have a threesome?” to tell me the truth, Emily, “Was that my ex on the panel?”

Well, now you can listen to the podcasts from that night right here.

The World's Happiest Police Fan

photography by

With my mates Joe and Ian from NICE Collective.

50,000 roar when The Police return for a third encore.

Mojitos at Farm

The Carneros Inn, with all of its understated luxury, is certainly one of the premiere places to stay in Napa. Not being a connoisseur of such things, however, I can more confidently attest to the cocktails served at its restaurant, Farm. Pictured here is their modification of Cuba's famous drink. It's called a cucumber mojito.

The cucumber mojito at Farm.

The key to it is not only the cucumber, but the fact that the mixologists dialed back on simple syrup, this reduction of sweetness clarifies the flavors and makes it all the more refreshing.
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